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  1. Thanks Colin. She really is a great car immaculate inside and out.
  2. DRL's came in on new cars about 10 years ago but there is no requirement to retro-fit DRL's to older cars. However the previous owner was a mechanic and MOT inspector. I personally would not have fitted the DRL's as I would like to keep the car as original as possible.
  3. I intend to keep it serviced and yes fuel economy is not the best this is a small price to pay for such luxury.
  4. The 2004 E55 AMG is about 550 HP. The earlier naturally aspirated ones around 1999 were about 350 HP.
  5. Is it an E55 AMG by any chance? 2003 2004 models are going for £10K plus
  6. Oh lovely W210 E class. I went to look at an S500 before I bought the Lexus GS300
  7. Not a fan of LPG. It would certainly ruin her. Might have to buy another Lexus as my daily runaround or use my Xtrail or wifes Land Cruiser more. 🙂
  8. I know but I travel 600 miles per week so I will put 30,000 miles on clock in one year so might have to buy something else as she is too good for that.
  9. Thanks. She certainly is. A one owner car and the previous owner has quite a collection of cars. If he set out in the Lexus and it started to rain he would turn around and go home and put her back in the garage until it stopped. He also told me no-one had ever sat in the back
  10. I bought her from a motor trader I know but as it happens I know the guy who used to own her. He is a mechanic and MOT inspector and had her from new. I looked at a few but nothing stood out like this one. I will ruin her as I am doing approx 600 miles a week so have already put 1300 miles on the clock. So in a years time mileage will be 96,000 miles eek.
  11. I bought her from a motor trader I know but as it happens I know the guy who used to own her. He is a mechanic and MOT inspector and had her from new. I am really into cars having ad 1986 Mercedes 560 SEL, a 1999 CLK. a 2002 C32 AMG (only about 300 left on the road), 2000 JAGUAR XJ8 (had to have 2 at the same time for when one broke down HAHAHA). Should have gone for the straight 6 cylinder Jag XJ6. I bought a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 65th Anniversary edition in 2011 which I still have with 70,000 miles on the clock. This is the longest I have ever kept a car so I thought I would try a Lexus when I sold my 2018 Mercedes GLC a month or so ago. I looked for ages for the right Lexus and had to have this one.
  12. Hi Just introducing myself as I am new to this site having just purchased a 2001 Lexus GS300 with one owner from new, 66,000 miles 3 keys (including master key with tag) and FSH.
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