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  1. Ha Ha. No. They are waiting to receive the air drier to see if it’s that they’ve agreed to waive all labour charges so far.
  2. I’m not sure…. I would have thought that’s the first thing that they would check. No fault light on the dash would indicate no fault ? But it’s a Lexus suspension issue so I’m not an expert in this area. Let’s see what they come up with.
  3. I’ve just been into Lexus to check directly with the technician working on the vehicle. he says he now thinks it could be the air drier on the suspension with blocked filters ? he’s ordered a new air drier…..
  4. In addition to suspension issues an RX 300 I have bought has a wet floor on the passenger door from side whenever it rains. is this a common issue ? how long would you expect it to take a Lexus dealer to locate and sort ? thanks
  5. Both the old compressor and new compressor are working. They thought the old one wasn’t giving out enough air pressure.
  6. First thing both workshops did was look for a leak. I don’t know if they have tried a blow though. I’m sure it’s the second thing Lexus should have done. I’ll double check. I know it’s a very simple system. 3 months !!!!!
  7. I supply workshop diagnostics to workshops throughout the UK and teach and train technicians. if the height sensors were the cause of this issue and could cause this fault then this would be a massive error for a workshop to make. when the problem occurred it was 2 weeks after an air strut had been replace and the sensors calibrated by another Lexus dealer. it was very heavy rain and driving through a puddle there was a squeal and then the car started to bounce. The conclusion from two garages, one a Lexus dealer is that the air isn’t getting to the rear suspension units. no leak can be found. Rear solenoid valve sets have been replaced, compressor has been replaced both height sensors going at the same time would be very unusual.
  8. I considered doing that but you have to notify the insurance company ? air bags on suspension are a disaster waiting to happen. Could the height sensors being corroded be the issue ? Thanks.
  9. They haven’t charged me for parts. The air bag was replaced under warranty (I had only just bought it in Nov last year) by the garage I bought it from and replaced and calibrated by one Lexus dealer. It was repaired three months later. the suspension then went two weeks later and has been with another Lexus dealer. They allowed me to supply third party compressor and valves as they couldn’t get the parts ? They have just agreed to waive labour charges so far. Car drives like a kangaroo jumping. Both sides.
  10. The dealer thinks that the air isn’t getting to the air suspension unit.
  11. He didn’t know. No air leak found. Then compressor changed. Then valve unit. Still the same. I took it to them as they should be the experts ?
  12. Hi there i have a 2004 RX 300. UK Rear suspension won’t work.Air bag has been replaced. Compressor has been replaced. Valve has been replaced. All by a Lexus dealer. Still has the issue. Any Suggestions ?
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