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  1. Hi linas, Thanks for the reply, after reading what you have written i think like you said the problem is intermittent. The dealer i brought it from were kinda doggy.. sorry for the typo... when i took it for a test drive all was well and after they dropped it off the front discs and pads were gone also the front tyres were bold. when i raised an issue they said that it was my responsibility for checking the vehicle first, but being a car dealer its obvious its there matter as the car was with them for sometime. As for the sat nav... i dont think they really going to sort that out now i would not prefer to contact them again as i left them a very bad negative review on trust pilot and google... after all of this. i guess i will have to live with.
  2. hi Guys, Sorry for the late reply, When i brought the car the sat nav was working fine, with i guess the origional Card. then all of a sudden the errror message came up. but its has a mid of its own it works when it wants to work and other times the dredded error message. I brought a new SD card from e-bay a repuitable Seller, to which was the updates when i installed the new card it came up with the message of software update do not turn off. after that again the same dreded error message, so i put the old card back in again and started working for two days and then again same issue. i contacted the seller who sent me another SD card saying it may not be Eu compatible just UK only, and so ive done it and now its like before it works when it wants to work and then comes up with the dreded error messgae... is there something i can use to clean the contacts with like a spray or something before going to lexus. Many Thanks
  3. Hey Guys, hope all is well with everyone, just wanted to ask the group on a possible or known issue. When the Car starts up the screen comes on, i press the "show me map" using the touch pad, it the navigation starts up and then after a few sconds it comes up with a error message saying it cannot read the SD card and to check the SD card or contact your dealership. I purchased a updated navigation SD card from E-bay and put it in, it said dont turn off engine as it was updating the software. after that it ran for like 2 days and back to square one again. has anyone had this issue before or recently experiencing this issue? and if what is there any cure to the problem or re-setting the navigation unit. advise and thoughts would be helpful.
  4. Hey Guys, its comming towards the end of the year and just want to wish everyone on here a merry christmas and a happy new year. hopefully good things will come in 2022.
  5. Hey Linas, The current Mileage is 54,000... the fronts seem to differ from the rear, i have put it in sports+ and man does it move.. but i noticed that the car is all over the road either it wants to go left or right and the road grip is not 100%. when looking from far the rear wheels/tyres seem to be tilted inwards. so i guess its off to the tracking master... no the front tyres seem to be worn on the inner edges as to the rear.. the garage that i brought it from put a second hand tyre on the warn side and replared the rear with new budget tyres. no clunks or noises just have a funny feeling that the tracking is out and when it was last done. before this i had a toyota Auris, and that went for a Service/MOT/Tracking each year.
  6. Hey Linas, Yeah My tyres were almost bold on the Inner edges... the outer were still like new when you looked at them... no even tread wear... so i'm putting it down to tracking... even with the setup of the suspension which is great cant fault the car in anyway... the front tyres were also doing the same the outer edges were worn and the inner edges was like new... also the car is not going in a straight line... steering feels wolly at cold... i guess its the angle sensor on the steering is out as well...
  7. Hey MNMJ, yeah the tyres are availbale no doubt, i guess finding the right person to do it correctly as well seeing the alloy wheel is dimond cut some tyre shops dont want to touch it because of there machines. The tourque is no doubt good.. stick it in sports + and watch the beast move. i think fuel as well can make a difference... i normally use tesco momentum same as Shell V-power... then you can feel the car move. Anyway ive decided to take it to lexus for a full service, they have a offer where u get an additional 12 months warranty for every service... even though no issues with the car... i think the setup can done better so that the rear tyres wear out less.
  8. Does anyone know of a specilist that deals with spare parts for the RC? looking to buy a spare wheel and trims.
  9. Hey WharfHouse. Many Thanks Yeah ive had the the rear tyres replaced by the dealer i brought it from and the front passenger tyre as well. I will look into getting a Hunter 4 wheel alignment, i have a place near me due to the fact that the steering is electronic and some garages dont know how to center the steering electronically, some would use the steering as striaght and align the wheels.
  10. Hi Nemesis, Many Thanks, its a shame that lexus if known as a fault must have modified parts. the tyres are very costly here in the UK around £250 per tyre. i will deffo look into the thread to see what has been done about this... or maybe visit my local Lexus service center. Hope all is well with your car, i noticed i have the same colour lol
  11. Hey Rabbers, Yeah alot of attention is one of them, The Sports+ is mad crazy it's like a beast you have to tame it... now and again, i went from toyota Hybrid to Lexus, so far the garage has taken it back where i brought it from. The front discs and pads were worn out and they failed to change them and also 3 tyres two of which were worn out on the Inner edges for some reason, Nemesies just mentioned that its a normal thing... there must be a thread on here somewhere for a place to go and get the tyres cheaper through the forum? im still gonna get the tracking done as i dont think its ever had one done before.
  12. Hey Nemesis, Many Thanks, yeah i was considering putting those wind deflectors, i guess its annoying u just keep a microfibre towel in the car and keep wiping off. I have had the tyres replaced, but i dont think the car has ever been for tracking, im gonna get that checked out and then off to lexus for a full service and hybrid health check. Other then that all seems well with the car i hope your car is also doing good.
  13. Hi Guys, Ive just brought my first lexus RC300h F Sport and just joined this Club. I hope everyone is well. Just wanted to know experiences from anyone about the lexus RC300h pros and Cons.. what to look out for My First issue is that i have noticed that the rear tyres somewhat seem to be eaten on the inner Edges and also when on full lock right the wheel tyre seems to jump and not smooth. Any one had these issues? Many Thanks
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