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  1. All sorted...... I found an American website which lists all car paints by Model and year......then cross-referrence on the body colour page to "cladding" colours. Lexus customer care gave me the same code as I had already from the Vin plate.....
  2. I am struggling to colour match the lower part of my Ls 400 (1998). The upper body colour code is on the vin plate 6P7 (Silver Jade Metallic) and my local paint supplier recognises this code but there doesn't seem to be a code for the lower body (bumpers and cladding ) or at least not one that seems to mean anything to the paint shop........ The lower body colour is slightly darker green than the upper body but not "Beige" (UCA 77) which is suggested as a colour to go with Silver Jade Metallic (6P7)?? Just a few scuffs which need tidying.....! Thanks, Peter York, North Yorkshire.
  3. Where is the best place (supplier) to get a replacement key from ? I have 2 for my '98 and they both have broken where the blade attaches to the plastic fob containing the 3 buttons....... Thanks Peter (York, North Yorkshire)
  4. Thanks. The LS 400 is an August '98 in very pale green, 120K and almost complete Lexus service history. The interior is like new and very good underneath. I'm very impressed , my Mercedes E300 is good but I think the Lexus is better, it drives beautifully. Just needs some better alloys......LS430's ??
  5. Hi, I bought my LS 400 ('98) about 2 weeks ago and I am really pleased with it compares really well to my Mercedes W124 ('94) which I wanted to replace. I considered an S class Merc but realised that the 20 yr old ones are very unreliable and rust so decided to try a Lexus. It was whilst searching for a wheel upgrade ("will LS 430 wheels fit my LS 400?") that led me to your club. Can you tell me where is the best place to buy Lexus parts for my LS 400 ? Thanks, Peter
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