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  1. Martys box failed soon after he serviced it. I have no idea why, but it scares me. I sold my IS. Going back to the 1,3l beater to save on the fuel bills.
  2. I replaced my rear worn out Michelin Pilot Sport 245/40-17 yesterday with the brand new Nokian Hakka Blue 3 in 225/45-17. My two cents: -It doesn't suffer in the looks department. -It made a night and day difference in terms of noise. I will have to replace the fronts now too, even though they aren't completely worn out yet. Haven't driven it hard in the twisties yet, so yet to conclude about their sportiness. But regarding noise? Absolutely brilliant.
  3. Thanks for your input, guys. I am going try a square setup with 225/45-17 all around! I am sure it will make it feel a little more nimble with narrower tires in the rear.
  4. Hi My 07 IS250 is running stock 17" wheels and 225/45-17 front & 245/40-17 rear combo. I have noticed the rear rims are half an inch wider. My rears are worn out now, and needs to be replaced. It should be possible to downsize to 225/45-17 on the rears, as far as I know. My questions: Have any of you tried running 225/45-17 all around on stock rims? How did it change the ride quality? My reasons to downsize would be that there is a much bigger selection in 225/45-17s than 245/40, and maybe a little less noise from the narrower tires. Thanks in advance. Bug
  5. Have not gotten around to change the ATF fluid yet, but look what Marty Motoring just put on Youtube. Interesting. 🙂
  6. Then I hereby conclude full flush or no change at all. Dropping as little as 1 to 1,5 liters is a waste of time IMHO.
  7. Texas, I might. But we are outside EU, and there is VAT and toll + expensive freight due to fuel prices and everything. And my local car parts store needs my money to survive, and they give me good prices.
  8. Ok. So i spoke directly to BG Norway who which confirms that Alfalfa is right. Adapter 126 is wrong. They say there is another adapter almost like 126 that can be used. They do not have it in stock. They do have the three pipe kit Alfalfa shows in his picture, and they offer the workshop to borrow it free of charge. I am also considering dropping the pan and replacing the filter and whatever oil I can get out (4 liters or so). But I do not like the idea of mixing old OE oil with new Total or Castrol. And I am not going to pay what my local OE vendor wants for the Toyota WS fluid. It is too expensive.
  9. According to BG in Norway, this adapter (nr 126) is what they need. But I am not so sure after reading Alfalfas posts. 😛 Which shop did you use, Alfalfa?
  10. OK, so my first visit to the workshop did not go as planned. It turned out they did not have the necessary adapter for the BG Machine. They will order the adapter from BG, and set up a new appointment.
  11. The benefit would be to get all the old oil out. By only dropping the pan, a lot of old oil would still be left inside the converter. And flushing with or without chemicals would in theory also flush out dirt and grime.
  12. Vlad: Thanks. Yes, the american brand. Workshop charges around GBP 600. They aren't really auto box experts. Just an all round workshop with wide experience in all things regarding cars. Alfalfa: Thanks! Excellent info. Doesn't hurt to be a well informed customer. 🙂 Are you norwegian? I see one of the pictures you posted has norwegian text.
  13. Thanks Linas: 1. Absolutely no issues. Just thinking about the fact my oil is 15 years old and have been there for 138000km. I do not believe in "filled for life" statements from any manufacturer. 2. No, not really. But they claim no bad experiences in the past and have done hundreds of flushing jobs, including other Toyotas, but no Lexuses so far. They say they spend between 12 and 14 litres of fresh oil during flushing procedure to make sure all old oil and chemicals gets flushed out. Alfalfa: Thanks for your input. Good to hear. I asked my local Toyota workshop, but they just answered "Not necessary. No recommend intervals from Lexus."
  14. Hi My local workshop is confident there is no problem for them to flush my 07 IS250 auto transmission using the BG flushing machine with cleaning-chemicals. ( Since they are a Total Energies oil distributor, they suggest this oil: "TOTAL FLUIDMATIC DVI MV • TOTAL FLUIDMATIC DVI MV is an innovative automatic transmission fluid based on an advanced synthetic technology allowing very high performances. This fluid is Approved DEXRON® VI" I've read loads of threads on not to flush, only tap and fill and only with Toyota fluids. Has anyone got experience with BG flushing machines and/or this type of Total oil for the transmission? Thanks. Bug
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