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  1. It will drop prices of the current IS200 i would thought as they want to shift the old stock? i happened to the mk1 RX300 when the new ones hit the showroom & other car makes............
  2. i seen a picture of a is200 with chromed mk2 17inch GS300 alloys, looks very nice too!
  3. i cant really help im afriad as the fuse seems ok u say?dont think there is a unique fuse. other wise i say the fuse! what are you trying to plug into it?
  4. Also notice how LOTS of items on Ebay are misleading discriptions. some of the light bulbs - 9006, 501 sidelights or 18-22 inch wipers states 'lexus is200' on the title, no it isnt! there also for cars that has 9006, 501 & so on fitment. i did notice a altezza style spoiler with 'GS300' as part of the title unless it fits a GS300 too. few of my 100 reasons why i dont like ebay!!
  5. Try typing in 'lexus is200' rather than 'lexus' to narrow down to is200. what parts are you looking for
  6. Just saw this picture of a RX300 with a glass sunroof, never seen them here in uk: here looks good, Can you get them here in uk as uk spec?
  7. with the amount of swearing & bad language, probably not. another thing seems like they all got attitude problems
  9. i dont want one already got one in silver. just saw 1 or 2 on the website & appears to be uk spec but not seen one in on the road or lexus car dealer yet. considering most other cars you get in white
  10. it snows in japan well some parts so how do they deal with snow then? surely they use some sort of grit??
  11. there is set of 4 on ebay currently £107 + p&p. close to lexus prices.
  12. Mini the new ones, why? whats the point of them? dont like french cars, only french car i driven is a peugeot 205 1.1 had to start it 4/5 times to get it started! very noisy terrible.
  13. i like that film, but since that film was made so many people in corsa/ fiesta & saxo copied i saw a fiesta few month back with a front windscreen sticker '2 fast 2 furious' in same font as that sequel! i do like that Eclipse in the first film that blew up.
  14. Dont know if this been discussed but can you get an is200/300 as a white colour paintwork in uk as uk spec? i was looking through an very old Banzai magazine with someone saying you cant so it was special ordered in white but this was few yrs ago & i never seen a is200/300 in white not 1!seen a white altezza. i notice someone here in uk got a 'reveira white' is200 in uk that looks uk spec? & a is200 on ebay 'pearlscent white': here so 2 different white is200 but never seen 1?
  15. is not those ones on the website? thats well expensive!@ £24+ hope that doesnt come as single bulb!
  16. Thats why i dont like Ebay, i have bought few things there only when is hard to come by or trying to save money. i mostly sell stuff on there even that i get people messing me around by not being interested in the item & not reply to countless emails i send, another way of saying 'dont want it' so why bid in 1st place?? i hear lot of stories of Ebay & sometimes reporting to square trade or something cant help! there was someone here bought a car from Ebay, altezzcollin??, that had lot of issue with the car! things like that scares me off even more. my advice is buy somethign for the kids online via 'official online shopping sites' (even them i not keen on)or go to the high street shops nxt few days even if it costs bit more.
  17. 35 positive 1 negative i hate Ebay anyway.
  18. that new GTi is class in terms of performance & looks, i driven a new 1.6 FSi of a friends one, although is only 1.6 is very smooth & v. quiet. Hope there be a R32 in future
  19. thats bad, atleast is sorted now. i had some idiot in a van that scratched my last car as he let the handbrake go on his van so it rolled into my front bumper & he wanted me to pay for his damaged that he caused. is bad enough paying for damage on your own car never mind paying for someone elses especially if is not your fault. of course i didnt pay for his damage, told that stupid :tsktsk: where to go.
  20. me & my family got some from fancyplates too & didnt need V5, i d ont think mine or my family is show plates, standard size fonts but with badges of the car manufacture on the left hand side unless that badge other than the EU or GB counts as show plates.... people bound to getaway without showing V5 i should think if they know friends in the motor/car accesory trade....
  21. 323

    As200 Rs200

    Yea all AS200 features 'beams' even the standard 160bhp, there is a special edition model in japan with 6 cyl(not sure of the name) that is faster than the standard AS200 due to factory upgraded chip or ECU or in with help by TRD not sure......dont think is down to beams correct me if im wrong.
  22. 323

    As200 Rs200

    If is the AS200 6 cyl then its 160bhp not 210 Unless its modified, is it modified did you notice? Even the AS200 Altezza has 'Beams' on the engine, so its features Beams, not many people know, cant remember what beams represents tho. this sales man must of mistaken it for a RS200? Speak to him again if your interested in the car.
  23. dont know what performance is like for BMW diesels but i did see a newish 530d break down few months ago with 3 people pushing it aside & it seemed quite heavy by looking at it & no it wasn't out if fuel as the petrol station was just accross the road!
  24. i had the impression that use to be the case, tho im not too keen on diesels myself, may be from past experience.....even tho diesels come a long way from the past or atleast as they say it has..... diesel is very popular in europe i just wonder why diesel cars are not popular in Australia / Asia, i mean in hong kong, there is no diesel cars officially sold there now even for 4x4, exception of taxi's/vans & lorries of course.
  25. if u do take it to lexus for repairs still check the quality of the work, i know someone that got a bumper spoiler fitted at lexus & the paint quality on the bumper spoiler is not too good but lexus couldnt remove it again as the bumper spoiler is bonded on with silicon or something.. is not just teenage out for van drivers,
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