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  1. I’ve been having issues with the passenger mirror dipping when I put the car in reverse, it dips a few degrees but then stops. It does this more often than not now and it only started a few weeks ago. The switch is always kept in the L position and the mirror controls on that door work fine as I can move it as far down (and all other directions) as possible using the manual controls. I have tried moving it all the way down in reverse manually to set the “memory” but this hasn’t helped. Any tips to resolve this?
  2. Took it down to the garage and turns out it was completely empty! They couldn't find any leaks and they did a pressure test and it was holding. Filled up now with near-on a KG of refrigerant and it is lovely and cool ready for the (few days of) summer! Chilled diet coke for everyone! Thanks for all the help 👍. Edit, just wanted to ask if anyone knows why the US Ultra Luxury got rear seat air conditioners but in the UK we only got rear heated seats?
  3. Thanks! Do you know if it is part number 88719-40020 and is there a specific procedure to replace it?
  4. My car doesn't seem to be blowing air that feels that cold and I'm sure it certainly wont be enough in the coming months so I looked around and found a way to enter a diagnostic mode for the air conditioning system. It is showing me only code 23 and I have read mixed meanings for this code, does anyone know what it is exactly? Heard it could be low gas, pressure switch etc... Thanks!
  5. Yeah the facelift Bluetooth only allowed for calls so no music support. I have another update too, I selected Disc 1 on the CD2 selection and when I clicked the "TITLE" button, it displayed the CD and song title as "Grom" (image attached) - is this still the same thing as what's in the glovebox? I wonder why there is a button for the TITLE of the tracks on CD2 but not CD1, I'm too young to even remember Minidisc haha. Edit: Just looked into it a bit more again, seems like it could be the same device as this but labelled as a "Grom" unit - I couldn't find anything on their website, this was obviously done a long time ago as it uses the 30-pin connector. Edit 2: Looks like I've found it, a snapshot of the product page from 2011! Even has the installation guide: You'll have to remove ?utm_source=LexusOwnersClubUK&utm_medium=ForumLinks from the end of both of these links to view them. Finally, and for a laugh, would it actually be possible to add another changer (CD or Minidisc) somewhere that uses CD2 and have all 12 loaded 😄) Thanks for the input.
  6. Cheers everyone, little update! No Bluetooth devices were showing up on my phone so I dug a little deeper and couldn't find an aux either. Looking in the glovebox, however, I did find this (picture attached). I have somehow missed it every time before as it was covered by some documents, not entirely sure exactly what it is but I am guessing it's what is connected to "CD2", probably a parrot system or whatever. Personally I don't see the point in these, especially considering the car had Bluetooth calls from factory... Thanks for all the help so far, please let me know if I am wrong!
  7. I attempted to add another CD by pressing the Load button and it wouldn't let me add another - pressing eject simply removed the CD that I was listening to at the time (from CD1 Changer). Edit: just to note; 6 CDs have been added to the 1st CD changer so it is full. My car does have TV screens in the headrests for the rear and a DVD player in the boot which may affect this (previous owner), however by the shoddiness of the install I'd be surprised if they integrated this to the main console. Secondly, I'd love to ask about the park assist on this car. From what I have seen online most facelift LS430s came with a normal camera, however mine has a camera, but also different modes for the park assists computer. For example I am able to select parallel parking or bay parking, and it gives me indicators on the screen for both. I have not taken a picture of this yet, but in parallel parking mode when I turn the steering wheel it moves a virtual box the shape of the car on the screen as it "predicts" where the car will be. Turning too much left or right will give the "Steering angle too much" error. Is this a standard feature on the facelift park assist? Is it an active park assist? It's more similar to an LS460 than a LS430? Mine is a late 2006 model (one of the last produced).
  8. I was listening to some CDs today and accidently pressed the CD button on the centre console when it changed to "CD2 Changer" and allowed me to select another 6 CDs, of course it wouldn't play anything. Does anyone know what this is? Is it possible to have 12 CDs loaded?! 😄 Image attached.
  9. Does anyone know if the LS430 (facelift) does anything similar with the front-facing sensors? I know it slows down automatically until 40km/h when you have the radar cruise enabled and enhances braking if you also attempt to brake during that time, but can it actually detect or prevent a collision at lower speeds? It seems like I've had the system activate by "slamming" the brake pedal as the headrests, seatbelts etc... tensioned (no car in-front, just testing) but luckily have not been in the situation for any pre-collision warning such as potentially rear-ending someone.
  10. Few photos from a quick recent shoot. Imgur link:
  11. I did, but just to park up as I was waiting for someone in the petrol station.
  12. That's brilliant haha! If only I had audio from the first half of my footage - I'm just the same!
  13. Hi, thought I'd find you here! Your LS430 looks great in that colour! 2058293072_T17FOX.mp4
  14. Update: 1 fault found and it is indeed the reasoning for the lights; PO430 "Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2)". It's obviously something to do with the exhaust system and reading online it appears that it could be a hole in the exhaust, typically found around the Y-section. I have cleared the code for now and took it for a short test drive and nothing reappeared, all features including radar cruise control working as intended. I imagine the lights will come back sooner or later but for now I will see how it goes as there is no obvious signs anything is wrong whilst driving (although there may well be a small blow in the exhaust).
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