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  1. I used to drive in Sport mode a lot because I prefer the steering feel. That got me 42 mpg. I've converted to Eco mode and now get 50mpg. it's a bit sluggish when accelerating esp up a hill but otherwise driving gently is better. Wish I could change the steering separately though.
  2. Hi I have an IS300h and have obtained an OE Lexus roof rack for the previous model (2007-2015 IS220/250). It is brand new and unused. The question is will it fit my IS, please?
  3. We could take bets on which happens first. This ^ or hydrogen powered cars This is coming soon as the systems are already in development. We are also developing self-alignment so the car will proition itself accurately over the plate. 3-4 years away...
  4. Yes I do mixed driving and get about 32mpg. This means about 320 miles to the light after which you've got another 30 odd to 0miles on the trip and a further 30 odd miles to nearly empty. On a longer run you'll easily get 400 miles from a tank.
  5. mpg miles gal l cost/l cost/£ 32 15000 469 2128 1.32 2809 38.5 15000 390 1768 1.40 2476 about £300 per year. I concur with Normski2 and have had exactly the same experience and mpg with the two cars. When people say I have to have a diesel because I do XXXX miles per year I do wonder if they've worked it out. The depreciation on a car is going to be of the order of 10x this value...
  6. Is 220 Misfuelling Prevention Device

    Does anybody want this for any offers? If not It will be going to join Jimmy Saville's gravestone this weekend... I'm surprised _ when I got my car I had a letter from the prev. owner who had complained to Lexus for being charged £1400 for his misfuelling error. Even when the misuss did it and we used a private guy on the forecourt it still cost us £280
  7. I have gone from an SE-L to and Advance and I can honestly maange without the seat cooling, seat memory, sunblind and lovely scuff plates but I DO miss that dipping mirror! It was great for getting reall near a kerb without scuffing the alloys...
  8. Could it be a bad earth from the battery? I had to get the earth lead changed on my 2006 IS last year because of this.
  9. http://www.misfuelli...hoppingcart.asp Fits all IS Diesels (IS220D and IS200D) Cost New £50, now £40 Used for 18 months on my car. As new except the rubber dongle holding the cap to the spout has snapped. Includes the plastic installation device which came with it too. Open to offers as it is just sat in the garage doing nothing Petrol in a diesel engine Breakdown organisations put the figure of petrol misfuelling at around 150,000 cars a year, with repair bills totalling hundreds of millions of pounds. Petrol will strip your diesel engine of the lubricant used to keep it ticking over and cause metal components to grate against each other and disintegrate. This runs the risk of damaging the fuel pump and fuel-injection systems, or wrecking an engine completely if used for a significant amount of time. To make matters worse pre-ignition systems start fuel pumps in new diesel models when car doors are unlocked. This cuts out the time it takes for new diesel engines to warm up, but means that diesel engines can be ruined by petrol by simply unlocking doors. The fuel pump and injection systems and filters will likely need to be replaced on new models, while an entire engine could be wrecked beyond repair if it has been run for long enough. Regardless of the extent of the damage, the repair bill could potentially run into thousands of pounds. Avoiding turning the engine over or stopping as soon as possible is vital to prevent more damage to the engine in these circumstances. A fuel-tank drain could be sufficient in such cases to prevent damage. Diesel in a petrol engine Theoretically it should be hard to fill a petrol tank with diesel, as diesel nozzles are too wide to fit into the tank. However using diesel in a petrol engine may destroy the engine´s catalytic converter, necessitating a costly replacement
  10. Hello are your baransu wheels still available?

  11. Yes these are still available. Now about half worn all round. Will Swap for 17" + £275 or 16" +£375 if they have 4 good tyres and are in good condition. I am in the middle of the midlands halfway between Coventry and Banbury. Cheers