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  1. I went to see an LS400 MK2 with 174k mileage; it has a full service history. I noticed a bar just behind the rear bumper and the sales guy said that was down to a tow bar that was fitted to the car. Does the LS400 come with a tow bar or is this likely to have been added ? I also noted a rear parking sensor control panel that seem to have been added afterwards as it doesn't sit neatly along with the other instruments is this a problem ? Did they have to drill holes in the bumper to fit etc ? The exhausts looked badly corroded and they were not stainless steel is that normal ? I thought they
  2. Hi all, When choosing a Lexus LS400 which of the two options below should I select ? 1) An old Lexus (1993) with low mileage (60k) 2) A newer Lexus (1996) with high mileage (180k) Assume both have a full service history. Thanks. I went to see one today which supposedly had 82k but looked like it had gone round the planet a few times; I felt quite disappointed but it didn't have a service history so I shouldn't have been surprised. Also to avoid getting ripped off can I call a Lexus garage to confirm that a particular vehicle has actually been serviced ? Like so many others venturing ou
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