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  1. :duh: sorry guys. I am picking up my replacement car this weekend. A BMW 330Ci Therefore I won't be on this forum much anymore...until i get another Lexus.
  2. It's now gone. Got £12k in the end.
  3. I really want to replace my is200SE with a GS300 Sport, but with these sort of fuel consuption figures, the BMW looks closer and closer every time. :(
  4. OK I took out a GS300SE from Lexus Swindon for a test drive, and enjoyed it. I've always been anti automatic cars, but it seemed ok. I also have someone coming to view my is200SE today, and he's bringing the AA so he must be reasonably interested. I've decided that if I get another Lexus that I should go for an early series 2 GS300 in the sport form, prefably with Sat Nav. Do these ever crop up much? I see the odd Sport for sale, or SE's without Sat Nav, but haven't come across any Sports With Sat Nav (not at a sensible price anyway) Cheers, Matt
  5. Good point. Nuff said really.
  6. I am ready to go and have a test drive of a GS300 now, but I have just read the thread on vibrations from the car. I was looking at getting a 1998/99 model but not so sure if I should give up the IS now. Are these vibrations a real problem with the cars? and is it just a few of them, or do they all seem to vibrate? Cheers, Matt P.S. if i do go ahead, i still have my 1999 is200SE with Sat Nav to get rid of.
  7. We are only human after all. No body can expect to be 100 percent all the time. At some point we will all probably make a stupid mistake. That is just life. I did one last year in a carpark. I reversed the works Galaxy just as someone was driving past me. I had only dropped someone off and 20 seconds later reversed. If only I had checked ALL the mirrors. Silly mistake, my fault. ***** happens! Glad to hear you are okay though. Perhaps as it's going through insurance you can get any stone chips done at the same time. Cheers, Matt
  8. Hi guys. Can someone offer me some advise about the GS range of cars. I currently have an is200SE which is a superb car, but a little slow. I was thinking of changing it and do like the look of the GS range of cars. Ideally I would have a twin turbo vertex but couldn't afford the fuel and don't want the hassle of service, parts & insurance on an import. My previous cars was an Impreza turbo which was quick and reasonable on fuel. My question is should I go for a GS car? If so what are the options? Is it a GS300 or GS430? or are there other varieties? What are they REALLY like on fuel? According to the Lexus website, they're pretty bad really. How is the drive? Are they reasonably quick? Can the be boosted without too much expense? Sorry to ask so many questions guys. Ideally I want something reasonably quick with reasonable fuel consumption. I have to say on paper, the BMW's have the edge, but i don't want a bog standard car that every other bugger seems to have. Cheers, Matt
  9. Thanks for that. I'm still trying to get my head around this. Are all the twin turbo cars imports?, or did Lexus do any UK twin turbo (or even single turbo) models? I had a look at the spec of the uk GS300SE and it doesn't go particularly quick, and hasn't got very good fuel consumption. Any suggestions anyone? Cheers, Matt
  10. Somebody had suggested to me that during times of war, the Americans scramble the GPS system (or make it less accurate) I'm not saying if it's true or not, just what i heard. Cheers, Matt
  11. Bugger me! I want that car. Only problem is I'm not spending over £15k and I have an is200SE to get rid of first. I'll keep dreaming though. Regards, Matt
  12. mattgrant


    my Astral Black is200SE with Sat Nav is for sale at £12995. Check out
  13. I am currently selling my lovely is200SE and am going to replace it with a bigger car. I was originally going to buy a BMW 5 series estate. Better fuel consumption than a Lexus and can carry a lot of crap. BUT...while looking through autotrader i started twitching when i saw the twin turbo V300's My question is what are the performance figures like? and what are the running costs like? (fuel, parts etc) Does Lexus GB service these cars? Can you only buy them as an import model? Any suggestions (including ***** taking ones abouth the BMW) are all welcome! Regards, Matt
  14. Hi all. My T/1999 is200SE is up for sale. Standard SE in Astral Black with Sat Nav and the PECO made back box. all details and pics are at It is in excellent condition with 69k miles. Yours for only £12995
  15. Time has come i'm afraid to part with my IS200SE. The car is in Astral black with 68000 miles on the clock. It is in excellent condition and was supplied to me by Lexus Bristol last June. The car is based in the Bath area. It has got the PECO stainless steel backbox which were advertised in the group buys in this forum last year. It is also equipped with the CD-ROM Satellite Navigation system. The car does not look it's age at all. I had it supaguarded last year and the paintwork really shines. I do not wish to part with it at all, but unfortunately personal matters dictate that I must sell the car. The asking price is £13,995 ovno I will submit a few pictures at Email: or phone 07768 825140