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  1. Like others have said with the higher tax and fuel costs etc... Well i never had that problem. Every car i've owned never had more than 30mpg (except one which got 50mpg) But i can 100% tell you that extra 20mpg made me feel depressed everytime i drove it. The Lexus on the otherhand brings me excitment, joy and happiness to drive. It's comfortable and can go sideways if you've saved a few quid for new tyres. Tax... Ok yes i was a bit surprised at the cost but for me the lower insurance cost offset the tax. My previous car was £100 more on insurance so i'm £50 up already. I have 4 kids which seems to fit pretty well if you really give the door a good slam to wedge those gremlins in to their seats and so far havn't complained about leg room. Maybe i'm just short and sit forward enough for them but hey! I don't plan on picking up any adults and shoving them in the back anytime soon anyway. Honestly if i was to sell this car i'd be buying the IS350 or very possibly the Toyota GT86 but both being far beyond my price range i'm happy to sit back and enjoy this beautiful car. I'm also looking to buy another IS250. Maybe in grey this time (Black is doing my head in with street cats scratching the paint) so i can have a nice luxury car for trips and school runs etc... while i have another i can modify lightly and not regret flocking the dashboard to cover up the small hole my phone holder caused. :(
  2. Is it the design or is it something i could adjust/fix? Last time i used the cooling on the seats was during winter and it felt really icy cold on both my bum and back. I guess with the video Texas linked it makes sense that it's ambient temps so have sorted the AC duct under the seat. Would love a little cooler air on my back tho.
  3. I've just checked under my seat to confirm the fans are spinning. I watched the video Texas linked and what i've done is lifted the back of the rear mats and tucked them under the rear seats to block the vent and keeping all the cold air under the seat. If i listen to the back of my seat i can hear a fan and feel a very small amount of air come through the seats but the majority of the air is coming from between my legs right at the front of the seats. Bit of a shame really. I was really looking forward to ice cold seats in this heatwave but i'll take what i can get and enjoy the AC while i can. :)
  4. Hey. Recently cracking up the AC and running the seats on cold i've noticed i only feel a fable woft of air between my thighs when sitting in my car. I'm unsure but when i first got the car it felt like the back of the seat also was cooled/heated could someone please confirm if your seats cool your bum or also cool your back please. If it is the back also then does anyone know where the fuse is located to check please.
  5. I tend to just use a flat head screw driver to *pop* the fuse up then use tweezers or those plastic clips to pick it up. Some easier than others. Altho you run the risk of bridging the legs and causing yourself issues. So be careful and i'm not responsible for you blowing up your car if you try this.
  6. There's a guy that comes and details cars around my estate which advertises paint corrections and touch ups. I've actually seen him repair a few marks on one of his customers cars and it's pretty impressive. He said a typical stone chip 5p in size will cost £100 to sand, touch up, blend and polish. This just gets added to the cost of the complete job anyway. I would 100% say paying out for the top package of complete detail with paint correction and full body mop before the car gets a heavy ceramic coating is worth it. From that point on the typical wash and wax will be fine for the next 6-12 months or even longer if you're not using the car heavily. Get the paint repaired then wrap it up. Failing that look at plasti dip. No need to repair the car just spray the rubber on and forget. Much easier and a ton of fun if you have a spray gun (B&Q paint sprayer can be used and works wonders) Just don't forget to mask up everything first.
  7. From being unable to read the "Not compatible" list correctly i've been using E10 in my 2007 (56 plate) IS250 without any problems at all. Honestly mentally i notice a lack of grunt but that's just in my head as no-one else has mentioned the car not being as spunky as it was before. I fully expect to be changing some rubber tubes/gaskets at some point which is neither a big cost or huge job to do. Be it fuel pump, fuel line or popping the injectors out to replace their rubber parts. I'm sure it was Texas who pointed out my inability to read and linked a rubber o ring that would be the cause of failure. (I'm to tired to look through my history to find it) Like others have said. If a Lexus is built to last 100k miles they fully expect all the rubber seals to last that long. So if E10 degrades that rubber by a few years and that rubber breaks down at 99k miles people would be knocking on Lexus door's for a full engine rebuild or the very least a free part and fitting. I've done some chemical analysis with E10 and it's not much different. Gas emissions change a fair bit for the worse imho. Imagine swapping out CO2 for NOX etc... while you might think awesome less CO2 they fail to mention the higher NOX levels and if you really dive in to it. Tree's and plants love CO2 but hate NOX while Humans hate everything. So by lowering CO2 emissions everything think's they're saving the planet... Anyway E10 won't degrade rubber to the extent you can really worry about it. Considering 5% vs 10% is a very small percentage (Put it this way. 100L of fuel contains 10L of ethanol. When mixed it does very little to change the effects) Over a long period of time yes it will break down rubbers it comes in contact with but your car which lets say is on 60k miles is due some repairs before the rubber even thinks about breaking down. I still use E10 and from time to time i'll chuck in a full E5 tank with some Redex or other fuel system cleaner/lube.
  8. I'm very very out of my depth here but can anyone confirm if the 4GR and 2GR have the same camshafts? I've seen 2GR cams being sold with a slight change in timing but i've never seen a 4GR camshaft besides factory fitted. Is there any difference? Would they plug/play minus mapping issues etc..? Ideally i'd like to increase power low to mid RPM even if i sacrifice top end power and with the VVT system installed i'm unsure if i could advance the cams if at all.
  9. This is a little old but just incase you havnt done it yet you could use this It will take the 12v and step it down to 6v. Just place it between the wire and camera. I've used these for my drone's previously when i need to take the 14.8v to 5v for the camera then full power on the VTX.
  10. I had a bit of a look today and it seems the entire strip of plastic that moulds the bumper and tabs has snapped where it joins the bumper. It's not going to be an easy fix but with some clever soldering iron and possible metal pressed in from under the tabs i should be able to reinforce it a little. It looks as if those tabs push in to a clip. There's some plastic with little ridges that look like it's supposed to hook on. I'll see if i can position the bumper and use some screws to hold it together a little better. It's just annoying when you do a bunch of work and something else jumps out at you shouting "It's not perfect yet" And now today i've just noticed the chrome in the corner of the window has split and come off. I have a nice yellow corner right by the wingmirror. Unsure how to fix but i did see a BMW today with very similar window layout which had a full black trim which i think the Lexus could pull off nicely so might end up being an easy fix.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I'll take a look on Youtube and see what i'm missing. I've not fully removed the bumper so unsure if anything else is missing. I did notice a bolt is missing from that bracket i linked. It sits behind the tabs and looks like the plastic slides in and clips in place. The nut that holds the bumper on to the arch that you mentioned Linus i have but the tab has broke. I'm going to plastic weld new stuff on tomorrow to try and sort that out. My main concern is where the bumper curves in by the headlight, mine sticks out unless i push hard against it. I'm going to fully remove the bumper tomorrow and see exactly whats behind it and what needs fixing. I hate being a perfectionist. I'm constantly trying to make every last detail perfect and it gets me down after a hard day and i'm looking at yet another blemish. I'll get there eventually tho.
  12. Hey. So the passenger side of my front bumper has come away from the car. I've noticed the small plastic tabs that clip in to the block behind it have snapped. It looks like someone applied double-sided foam previously but since deteriorated. I've just tried to apply new foam, superglue, cable ties but i'm unable to pull the bumper tight to the car but no matter what i do i can't get the bumper to sit flush. I've looked at these stick on bumper clips but i'd rather not have these stuck to the outside of the car. Does anyone know of a way to attach the bumper to the plastic mounting block behind it? This is the mounting behind the bumper where the small tabs on the actual bumper (Snapped off) would slide in to and slip in place.
  13. These are the two I'm comparing online. 2014 F-Sport vs 2005 Auto They both look different. I'm not to bothered about final drive as i'll more than likely fit a BRZ internals but i'd like to keep a stock spare incase either things go wrong or i decide to sell up etc...
  14. As the title says. Will a 2014 LEXUS IS250 F-SPORT PETROL AUTOMATIC Diff fit on a 2007 (56 plate) 6speed manual IS250? I'm looking for a spare diff to play around with and found a used one for £70. Claims the engine has only done 21k miles. Would this be a direct fit ignoring ratios and all that? EDIT: On second thoughts it dosn't look like it will fit. The 2005 auto vs the 2014 has different mounting points which is a bit of a shame really. Unless the internals could be swapped but then only if the F-sport has a LSD better than what is currently on my car.
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