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  1. I posted on this subject last year but no help was forthcoming. It does seem that a detachable tow bar is available if you remove the spare wheel which is not acceptable. However I was in California on holiday and saw the US tow hitch on a Lexus RX330 model. This model looks identical to the UK RX 300 MK2. This had a tow hitch fitted. This has the option of inserting either a large ball hitch, a small one or a cimple bar. The fitting did not seem to require cutting the rear bumper and looked very neat. The US Lexus website shows this tow hitch as an optional accessory. There were mutterings about CE approval when I mentioned fitting one in the UK but no one over there knew why it wasn'y available in the UK. I do not want to use it for towing but to carry a bike rack which carries 3 bikes. Can anyone confirm that this tow hitch fits the UK model without cutting the bumper. Could any Lexus dealer supply one in the UK Would anyone fit one if I got one sent over. Anyone got anyother suggestions as the good weather means that the cycling season is about to start.
  2. The proscribed way to carry bikes on a RX300 Mk 2 is to have a roof mounted bike carrier. There is no way that my wife, at about 5ft 5ins and under 10 stone can lift two bikes onto the roof. Our current solution is a Pendle bike rack which fits on the detachable tow bar. Very easy to fit, no problems putting the bikes on and very safe whilst motoring. Check out and look for the wheel support type. Now as far as I can understand the Brinkmatic detachable tow bar for the RX300 requires the spare wheel to be carried permanently in the back of the car - how silly is that. I am not sure that Witter even do one, its not listed on their web site but a previous posting on this subject also suggested that the spare wheel had to go in the back. Has anyone out there found a safe, secure and easy way of carrying up to 3 bikes on a MK2 RX300 The car is coming on the 27th Sept so I would like to find a solution, soonest