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  1. Thanks for the reply, bluetooth isn't an issue its the USB connection I need so I can use Miracast.
  2. I have a 2018 LC500 and am trying to connect a Samsung S21 to it via the USB port, unfortunately it just will not recognise the phone, it will connect to an iPhone 12 mini within seconds. I took it up with my local dealership and the salesman attempted to connect his S21 with no success, after someone had a conversation with the workshop it was decided that I needed a genuine Samsung lead, which I subsequently purchased from Samsung UK to ensure it was the genuine cable, and again it will not connect. Can anybody help me as I cannot believe I am the only Lexus owner with a Samsung phone.
  3. Well even the dealer can't get a S21 to connect via the USB to the car, apparently I need a genuine lead, so I bought one and it still doesn't connect, not really sure where to go next
  4. Does a Samsung S21 connect to a 2018 LC500 via the USB connection port, my iPhone does and allows me to listen to music etc whereas a S21 does not connect - the icon on the car screen is greyed out - it will connect via Bluetooth but I wish to use Miracast which is not supported on an Apple device but works with an Android. Alternatively can you coax the iPhone to Miracast.
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