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  1. I thought the same, but I don’t know how accessible it is, and also if it is legal to disconnect it.
  2. Congratulations, John! Hope you will be satisfied with your new RX. Please do post some pictures on the forum, when you take delivery of the car! Neo
  3. And one more question; is it possible to activate the climate system on the 350h (turn on the heated windshield, heated seats etc.) with the Lexus Link-app? Or is it only possible with the 450h+?
  4. Hello again! As I'm considering purchasing either a NX 350h or 450h+ (in cash) I would need some advice from you; My first question is if I should buy the NX 350h or 450h+, I think it's a shame that the 450h+ cannot be equipped with the Mark Levinson-system (I guess it comes down to weight), because I really do enjoy listening to some good tunes during the occasional road trips, and that is one of the reasons why I am tempted to place an order for a 350h. But for me it's more important to get the best residual value out of the car, when it is time to swap. So just based on your speculations whether (percentagewise) the 450h+ will have a higher residual value, what would are your personal opinions? (I'm buying it privately and not through my company, so really no tax-benefits, except for the so-called climate bonus which is a bonus which you recieve 6 months after purchasing a plug-in hybrid or electric car) My second question is regarding the exterior colour, I'm really standing between two colours; Sonic Titanium and Sonic Grey. The Sonic Titanium is probably the most common one here in Sweden. What are your experiences with the two colours? Do they hide dirt and grime well? And are they colours which changes the appearence of the car depending on the surrounding light? Regards, Neo
  5. Well, that is certainly reassuring. But what's more concerning are the waiting times; the local dealership stated a 1 year waiting time for the 350h and 10 months for the 450h+. Wondering if the Miyata plant will revert back to its full capacity soon (hopefully the chip-shortage will be resolved).
  6. Hello Lexus-mates! New member of the forum! (Very excited about that!😀) I'm examining the possibilities of ordering either a Lexus NX 350h or NX 450h+, but what puts me off from purchasing one is the fact that some owners (both Lexus and Toyota owners) are ranting about the artificial sound to warn pedestrians, when the car is in EV-mode (the so-called AVAS). And I reckon it would be quite bothersome to constantly hear that irritating sound, during tailbacks and when driving through the neighbourhood at night. So my question to you (the ones that currently have the 22 NX) is if anything of the above is something that you've noticed when driving at lower speeds. Cheers! (From Sweden)
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