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  1. I very rarely use a Saris Bones 3 which doesn't fit exactly, its basically great for transporting 3 cycles on a hatchback, cos of the saloon shape on the is250, it can only take two cycles (you dont use the space for cycle nearest to car). Have a few different cars so this rack was the best option for me, used on the is250 over the last 8 years maybe 15-20 times - mostly just with my own mtb but sometimes 2 cycles. The lights and plates can be slightly obscured, it really depends how you attach the rack to the car. I've never been worried about being stopped by the police or been stopped. Every day I see 5-10 cars with illegally spaced number plates, they don't stop them?
  2. Just to confirm it was a simple fuse that sorted the cigg lighter out - i can now charge my phone again! Thanks again for the help!
  3. I've located the fuse for the cig lighter, using that plastic fuse extractor tool, i cannot seem to get it out, the way the fuse board is i cannot get around it to clip the tool on and pull it out. What are other people using to pull the fuses out? I have needle nose pliers but cannot get a grip on the fuse with this either.
  4. Hi after fishing out a magnetic object from the cigarette lighter socket (the one near the seat heating/cooling control) it no longer works, i'll try and change the fuse, but i think in my haste in trying to remove the object with the house keys i've damaged it, or the magnet moved something out of place? Either way i was wondering if its not the fuse, do i just jimmy the cigarette lighter socket out with a screwdriver and can it be replaced with any after market? the connecter underneath should be the same for all cigarette lighter sockets? The car is a 2006 IS250 Many thanks
  5. I know people who scrap cars on the advice of their mechanic, people who purchase the cars brand new, drive them for 8-10 years, then off to scrap as their told wont pass an MOT. I think its crazy but these people see selling a 2nd hand car as too much bother!
  6. Saw this earlier couldn't believe it! Luke McCorry (@lmcbelfast) tweeted at 10:40 am on Wed, May 04, 2022: Criminal!!! Driven in to a scrapyard this morning after it failed MOT on dull headlights and a blow in the exhaust mid-box. Thankfully I was on time to save it. Would’ve been no loss if it was an IS220d, but it’s a 250 V6! (
  7. I had the same grinding noise for about 2 months, gradually getting worse, asked my local garage who service the car to take a look when MOT was done, was told it was fine, so had the lexus dealer take a look (cambridge) and they confirmed it was the water pump. They offered to change for £320. The water inlet also needed changing but they didn't charge any extra (although it meant they had the car another day while waiting for parts). Happy its sorted. Owned the car for 9 years and its had one water pump, two batteries, an alternator, set of spark plugs, brakes every so often (callipers, pads, discs etc). never broken down other then the alternator, but that was a case of not starting at home. Fantastic ownership experience so far. Also had the wheels refurbed but other then that its as i bought it.
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