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  1. Just bought a Samsung Syncmaster 172V from John Lewis in WGC. I've suddenly got a much larger desk ! Great picture too.
  2. 1975 Ford Cortina Mk 1 1500GT 1966 1976 Suzuki GT250 New 1980 Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1974 (Written off after 17 days) 1982 Ford Escort 1100 New 1st Company Car 1985 Ford Orion 1.6 Ghia New 1987 Ford Sierra 1.8 GL New 1988 Ford Sierra 2.0 GLS New 1991 Rover 416 GSI New 1994 Rover 220 GSI New 1996 Ford Pobe 24V 1995 Took car allowance 1999 MG RV8 1993 Hence userid 2002 Lexus IS200 SE New
  3. The unseasonably warm weather has reminded me that I (along with many others) am still waiting to receive a quantity of LOC Polo Shirts. . . . . . . ordered last Summer ! Kind of puts you off ordering any of the "Group Buys"
  4. The man's desire is for the woman: the woman's desire is for the desire of the man. --Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  5. Two of each for me please Steve.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Got my car back in one piece on Tuesday and I've only driven it once since then. However it was a fairly warm day so I would have expected the warning light to have come on at some stage but it didn't ! Too early to say if it's fixed or not but I was very impressed with the way that Lexus Hatfield handled me and it ! I explained to Lindsey (Service Manager) that I was wary of the internal panels being removed and recounted some of my past bad experiences (Ford, Rover, Peugeot) but she assured me that every care would be taken. I spoke to the mechanic/technician before the car went in and again afterwards and he explained that he had replaced a "Module" that was housed behind the dash. (Not sure what yet as they hadn't prepared the paperwork as the part was express delivered on the day) . . . . paperwork will be posted to me once completed. So, all in all, I'm impressed (particularly if the fault has been fixed) the only gripe was having to pay £10 for Fully Comp on the courtesy car !
  7. Well it's in ! ! Dropped it off at Hatfield this morning and exchanged my gleaming car for a grubby silver demo car . . . . . and it cost me £10 ! My fingers will be crossed all day !
  8. You're right, of course Lexus Hatfield will give me a courtesy car but it's just that this is a two month old car and I'm not happy about them removing all the panels to get to the Airbag connections. I've just spent three years in a car without creature comforts like Airbags, Power Steering, Aircon, Elec windows etc . . so I'm not that bothered about the fact that the Airbags may not go off. . . . more concerned that my new car will be damaged at the dealership. Crazy I know but I hate leaving my cars at the dealerships as there's ALWAYS, ALWAYS. ALWAYS problems afterwards. If the warning light persists then I'll have no option but, they're not getting their hands on my car for an intermittent fault that they probably won't find anyway !
  9. Just got back from having the "Diagnostic" check done on my car to see if they could see anything untoward. The tester came up with an error code of B1135 with a message which in effect said that there was a broken connection in the Airbag assembly. I was pleased that it had found an error but speaking to the mechanic/technician/engineer (what do they call them theses days ?) he said that I would have to rebook the car in as they would have to check the whole circuitry, which means six airbags and the seat-belt pretensioners. All in all at least a couple of hours work. I'm reluctant to let them loose on the car just yet so we agreed that he would erase the error code and that I should monitor the warning light to see if it comes on again. As it's only happened three times in two months I'll give it a month or so and hope it doesn't happen again. It seems that as long as the warning light isn't on then there's nothing to worry about and if it does come on I can always extinguish it by restarting the car which should put it back in to full operation again. If I hit anything and the Airbags don't work I'll let you know ! ! As an aside, and following requests, the Service operation at Hatfield (such as I saw of it) seems OK so far. . . . I asked if I could watch over the technician's shoulder while he was running the tests and, while they wouldn't allow me into the workshop for Insurance reasons, they carried out the tests outside and he even showed me the manual with all the error codes in. Watch this space !
  10. A bit early yet as mine is only two months old but I've already had one stone chip on the rear door surround. Touched up OK though. Astral Black is the colour to go for . . . . . if you're happy to keep your car clean it looks stunning !
  11. Came on again yesterday . . . . in a downpour too. So that scotches the temperature idea ! !
  12. Thanks for all your replies guys. The warning light hasn't come on again since those two particularly warm days but I will still get the car looked at as there are one or two other minor niggles that need to be sorted. Once I've had the car looked at by Lexus Hatfield I'll let you know what they found . . . . the Sales side were brilliant, I only hope that the Service side is as good ?
  13. I thought the lip spoiler was standard on the Sport ? But I'd be interested to know how much Hatfield charged to fit one as they're my local dealer too, so may think about one for my SE.