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  1. Had an Audi sline A6 for 5 years and made the switch to an is300h Fsport at the beginning of this year . Build quality wise , I'd have the Audi slightly ahead . My is300h is a fresh car and has some creaks from dash and slight wind noise from windows when at speed. Reliability wise , the Lexus is street's ahead .the first 6 months of owning the audi broke my heart . Only for a good warranty with the dealer, I would have been out of pockets a huge amount. After all had been fixed , the audi was a great car . But as I said , I'd have more faith in the lexus . Comfort , even though the audi was am sline with 20inch alloys and a hard suspension, I think it was a more comfortable car than the lexus . Driving experience, the lexus to me is a very nice place to be .Long journeys are a delight and the fact that it's a smaller car than my old audi, means it's easier to park, manoeuvre etc. Running costs , the lexus is a petrol, the audi was a diseal. Enough said . I went with the is300h as I only drive my car at the weekend, I have a company vechile for during the week . Service costs seem about the same aswell. Overall I honestly think the is300h is a great buy for anyone seeking Reliability, comfort on long journeys and a good driving experience. Also there is literally thousands of Audis and BMW on the road these days . The lexus to me is a bit unique
  2. Here’s a good product I've just found on the Mister Auto app: Condenser, air conditioning Irish site .but may post to you
  3. Noise is actually from the water pump area . It was a crazy warm day when it happened, after a 30 mile run . The noise hasn't happened since
  4. Mine is the same .2016 f sport .I also thought this was strange .I have read other forums and it seems normal
  5. Sorry about the video. I acutally thought it was about 20 seconds long .but turned out to be 3 seconds. I scanned all with carista and all πŸ‘
  6. To update .this noise is after all is shut off .and continues for about 1 minute
  7. Hi all Noted this the last 2 days on my is300h . Its warm here, very warm and after running the aircon on a journey, after shutdown I get this noise for about 1 minute coming from the compressor area of engine after engine is off . It's probably always been there and now that it's warm, it might be more noticeable. I always run my aircon, regardless of weather and its worked perfectly since day one . Anyone have similar? 20220717_151125.mp4
  8. Is everyone's figures on this based on the dash readout or an actual mpg calculation?
  9. Anyone venture in ceramic coatings?
  10. 2016 f sport on 18s .. I'm nearly always in eco mode . 45mpg on long runs 51mpg was my best yet . I only drive the car at weekends also
  11. To be honest when I bought the car earlier this year it had 2 previous services from non main dealer garages so the main dealer service history was broken already. Regardless I just didn't have the time nor finances to go the main dealer route this time round. The only thing the indu service lacked I guess was the hybrid health check and warranty . To be honest I'm not too concerned about this for now . The car is flawless and from what I gather , these hybrid systems don't go wrong... In 10k miles I will drop the car into lexus and get the 100k mile service done through them
  12. Went with my Indy this time around for a 90k mile service. Oil change , air filter , oil filter , pollen filter and hoover of the car for €150 euros all in. The main dealer just wasn't an option this time round as we have 2 cars in the driveway and both required services 😞 anyways I will go back to Lexus for the 100k mile service as its a big one I believe .....
  13. As the title . I'm just wondering where you are getting is IS serviced? Lexus main dealer or a good Independent
  14. I too noticed the rattly housing on the reg plate lights . I was surprised by it to be honest .
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