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  1. Thanks for the responses. I am considering an IS200. Can anyone recommend a pre-purchase inspection for this car? AA/RAC don't seem to cover.
  2. http:// Any ideas what colour code this car would be? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the responses finally managed to see an IS200 in person and I am heavily leaning towards buying one. I missed the opportunity to buy a super clean version back in April .
  4. If it had a serious engine fault I wouldn't fix it. The age of the cars even petrol anything can go wrong at any time, but its trying to judge how likely that is to happen relative to other cars.
  5. Thanks for the response. It is double the price, double the pence per mile fuel cost (even with rubbish engine) and double the road tax. Most likely I won't buy one due to the reliability issues, but if I was going to is is possible at all to avoid the head gasket issues? Would December 2009 be inside or outside the fault window? Taking into account the reliability issues how would it compare to something like an Vauxhall Insignia?
  6. Hi, Does the headgasket issue affect all 2AD-FHV engines or is it only the earlier models and is there a cut off year/date? thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info. If I break or lift off the gas in the Audi it automatically stabilizes the speed downhill. Its trying to find one that I can test drive relatively locally.
  8. Thanks for the response. This would be for the automatic version of the car. For example I would be comparing this to an s-tronic version of an automatic transmission in an Audi where it would stop the car accelerating on a downhill section whether suffolk or the alps.
  9. Hi, When traveling downhill in an IS 200 auto from 2005 earlier. Do you have to ride the brakes or will the car automatically control the speed? Thanks.
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