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  1. Latest the car has now got dash lights steering has unlocked and centre screen is working sat/nav radio etc. It just suddenly started working next morning? BUT car won't start it's had diagnostic and has codes B2785 COMMUNICATION MALFUNCTION BETWEEN ECUs CONNECTED BY LIN.... PLUS CODE POAFA HYBRID BATTERY SYSTEM INTER-LOCK CIRCUIT HIGH. any ideas please
  2. Thanks will check tomorrow for connection's
  3. There is no dash lights showing its dead completely on the instrument panel so can't get codes as there is no power at the obd port. The start button goes green but does nothing when pushed to start. The only light on is the car showing the door open that's it for the instrument panel.
  4. Hi yes have have put a fully charged booster pack on made no difference at all.
  5. Hi yes have have put a fully charged booster pack on made no difference at all.
  6. HELP!!! My gs450h has lost all power to the instrument dashboard / radio won't turn on nothing working except the lights, horn, hazard lights... doors unlock and lock ok using the keyfob but press start button nothing happens, also the streeing wheel is locked in position so can't release the streeing. I have checked the 12v battery in the boot but its OK reading 12.7v states good on the meter. I have disconnected the earth lead for 10mins and reconnected but still no dash lights. I have also checked every fuse in all locations and not one is bad and 12v is going from battery to the engine fuse box... anyone know whats happening?
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