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  1. Hello. I placed order recently with 1000 deposit. If I cancel is this refundable. Or does it depend on the dealer. Thanks
  2. Hi. Thanks. Charging on highway or home. Also have some free charging stations At home. Looking at the numbers the money is not going to be much different. Maybe with Lexus 40 bucks more per month. I will be keeping the car for 6-7 years minimum. I did really loved the drive and interior and exterior of the ES
  3. Hi. Yes. Am !! Love the Lexus to bits. Have Takumi on order. Delivery expected in Feb 2023. Guess have time to mull over. Have got a good deal via Carwow about 7500 discount. I understand that if I do cancel at some stage can get full refund. Have paid deposit of 1000
  4. Hi. Thanks. I am seriously considering this. However I did not like the Tesla in general. The electric cars that I like are out of my price range.
  5. Hello. I have placed a order for a ES 300h. With rising petrol prices I getting a bit concerned. I do about 20,000 miles per year. I am thinking of cancelling the order and maybe go for a electric car. What does everyone think. Thanks
  6. Hi my experience with the dealers has been good so far. Lexus Croydon. They promptly respond to any queries. I have also been advised that once the car order has been placed it is protected from price rise. I am honestly hoping to get the new 2023 version as I would like to have wireless Apple car play. Just waiting to see what the new ammonite sand interior colour looks like ! This is replacing the rich cream so I have been told. Let’s see
  7. Hi the Lexus dealer has adv the likely changes to be - touchpad gone, redesign for cup holders ? wireless Apple car play, new interior colours. No change in drivetrain likely. He will have more info by end of June. Will post updates as I get them. Thanks
  8. Hi. Thanks. That’s reassuring. Can’t wait for the beauty. The test drive was lovely. Silky smooth and hushed. Am blown away. I think with blue out most light colours inside will be ok. I shall keep you all posted.
  9. Hi yes. Carwow deal that I took was through the Lexus dealer Croydon. And yes The exterior and interior colour I can see once this is on website and if I wish can change exterior and interior colour
  10. Hi. The delivery date is May June 2023. The ammonite colour is replacing the rich cream and will be on the website when the 2023 model is out later this year around September. So by the time my car is delivered it will be the new model with this colour. Thanks
  11. Hello. It is done. Placed order for Takumi. Blue exterior. Rich cream interior. got a email stating that ammonite sand colour will replace the rich cream for interior leather. Not sure what is this colour. Anyone know about this colour. Thanks
  12. Thanks. I live in Carlisle and shall have a chat with him.
  13. Thanks. Am sure we will be happy.
  14. Thanks. My humble and honest opinion. Me and my wife are in love with the ES !!
  15. Hi there. Finally it has happened ! I managed to test drive the ES. Premium edition. I had previously asked for adv from all of you and I got very useful info. My previous cars - Range Rover, Maserati Ghibli, BMW 3 GT. currently E class 350d. Here are my thoughts. Exterior - in the flesh this car is a beauty. Loved the Premium and Takumi with New front mesh and 3 eye bladescan headlights. Looks sleek, sporty yet elegant. Rear is also lovely with the right amount of angles but not too much. I for one did not like the black alloys and mesh etc in F sport. As you all would have guessed I am the serene luxury kind of guy. Interior - outstanding in one word. Design, materials are the best I have come across. The panel gaps are ridiculously tight. The metallic finish in some places is classy. The cream leather seats were so refined. Only one downside - the infotainment is rather dated looking almost 10 years behind the Germans. Is almost as good or bad as my Maserati. Thankfully Apple car play is there though not wireless which is a bit annoying but not a deal breaker. Touch screen with applecarplay is lovely. Room and practicality- outstanding again. Is almost Merc S class rear leg room !! Front seats are super comfy. So are rear seats with very nice centre arm rest. Boot is good. Disappointing that power tailgate is only in F sport with takumi pack or Takumi model. Again not a deal breaker. Boot space is plenty for me. Sunroof is not panoramic but good enough to make the car feel roomy. Audio - standard is good enough for me. Mark Levinson is one of the best I have come across. As good as the Burmester in my current Mercedes. Drive - Serene. Smooth. Relaxing. I am no junior Lewis Hamilton and have never revved my car or thrown my car around ever. Even the Maserati I drove sedately the only reason I went for it was the sheer exterior beauty. Fuel efficiency is out of this planet for petrol. I drove the tester for 1 Hour mixed city and highway and got close to 52 mpg. Exterior colour - liked the red, blue and grey. Interior the rich cream is my fav. In a nutshell loved the car. Had gone in with very negative thoughts. But came out smiling. Sleek and beautiful outside, luxurious and comfortable inside, refined and smooth drive. And fuel efficient. So am going to order soon. let me know what you all think of my comments. Thanks
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