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  1. Things are getting worse. The app frequently will not connect for hours on end and I have a feeling that this connectivity being so fragile is the reason the car does not communicate its position. Just what is going on with the servers Lexus? The car is great but the app is woefully fragile.
  2. As a careful driver who observes speed limits and drives to obtain maximum fuel efficiency I was amazed when I logged into the My Lexus portal to see that they have recorded me driving at up to 119MPH. This statistic is on page 2 of the driving Analytics section. Anyone else see the same issue ?
  3. I'm glad this is not just me, thanks to all who replied
  4. I have had my NX 2 weeks now, the car is great but its interaction with the Lexus Link app seems fragile. Since Friday the app has stopped showing my trips in the Hybrid Coaching section. I have not changed privacy settings and the app knows the car location so I am wondering if anyone else is having the same problems. There is no obvious way to send a destination to the car satnav and the app often fails to load too.
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