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  1. thanks all for your help, much appreciated. I only have the 7" screen, so as Colin and Moleman suggest, that may indicate i have a lesser version. That said I'll give Peter's suggestion about zooming-in a try, and if that fails, follow up LenT's idea of consulting My Lexus - and report my findings!
  2. Thanks Las Palmas - for the welcome, and the reply; strangely comforting to know i'm not the only one who finds the system in general a struggle. I had to resort to the iphone when the nav on my last car (a jag) could no longer get updates - and thought i'd moved on! Meanwhile, be glad to hear if anyone has advice on the specific question - if i simply don't have the 3D facility available, that's one thing (if annoying) - the thought that I can't find a solution that is just a couple of clicks away is - as ever - infuriating...
  3. Hi all - I've just taken charge of a 2019 CT200h - and this is my first post to the forum. Finding my way around the navigation system is err testing, not least reorientating the map to 3D. As per the nav handbook, I've found Compass and headed up the left side of the screen to toggle the N icon - but this allows me only to switch between North Up and the direction of travel alternative. Doesn't seem to be a third (3D) option, despite what the handbook promises. Any suggestions? The car has a premium pack, but perhaps i have a lesser version of the system? Any help much appreciated.
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