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  1. Many thanks Len, so I'm focussed again on the 600 and will definitely get the AA EOBD solar charger. I've got a trickle charger, so I'll see how it goes before considering investing in a Power Pack.
  2. Many thanks Len. I like a creative solution. Didnt know these existed at all. So that puts plan A back in play. Honestly I am never normally indecisive, I am annoying myself now.
  3. Agreed Malc. I was looking for a 600, but don't want expensive surprises, leaving on my drive 4 months a year is probably tempting fate. I'm now searching for late 460, but keep finding myself looking at 400s. Honestly I love the 400s, I think its an easier decision to stick with another one. I'm lucky with my 400 in Dubai as I've got a local independent Pakistani garage that services Toyotas all day long, they really do love them and labour costs are negligible. They get OEM parts but also theres a huge market for used parts and scrap yards full of LS400 and 430s in Sharjah. Are parts getting hard to source in the UK now?
  4. and as soon as I say that, I'm looking for another Lexus and see an advert for a 2000 400 with an external aerial? Got to laugh. Can anyone explain, is it variations for different markets perhaps? New&onesearchad=Used&include-delivery-option=on&make=Lexus&model=LS 400&sort=relevance&postcode=me59ly&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1501&page=1
  5. I was specifically looking for a UK Lexus forum, used google.
  6. not overdrive just "power" I get it. Just never seen that type of gearstick on a 400 before. The later ones don't have aerials though, for example my 1999.
  7. Cheers Mark, sorry for the inadvertent repost, but then again not sorry:o) cos I just learnt there was a version with overdrive, I never knew! I was trying to work out the year, on Parkers they have the same car posted as 2001?? Also I can see an aerial on the back wing so it wasn't adding up to me.
  8. Just in case anyone is interested? It seems a bit pricey to me, but very low mileage and looks fantastic!
  9. wow! Thanks Herbie. I hope you are right and I can go back to Plan A:O) I do have a trickle charger but car has to be left on drive, so its sub-optimal I guess. I'd welcome reading that article if you can find it please.
  10. Stanwithaplan

    The Golden Goddess

    My 1999 LS 400 in Dubai
  11. Glad to join your forum, looking forward to learning all the secrets:o) I previously owned an LS400 in the UK, for around 5 or 6 years which I sold in 2005. A year ago I bought another LS400 (1999) in Dubai "The Golden Goddess." Both of my kids, my wife and I are loving driving her, I don't have to tell you how much pleasure it is to restore and waft in a 400:o) Back in the UK I am in the process of selling my BMW M2 Competition and I want to buy another Lexus LS. I was going to go for a 600H but its just dawned on me, you cant leave a hybrid sitting on your drive for a couple of months at a time without killing your batteries doh! So I'm back to the drawing board, I'm thinking a LS460 is at the top of my list.
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