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  1. Loss Of Fm Reception On Radio

    Cheers for that, yes I have been doing some research on my options. I real pain as CD player etc still works fine, But I guess I will have to bite the bullet and change the system to an alternative, Thanks for the help
  2. Loss Of Fm Reception On Radio

    Ouchh, I was hoping for better news.. has anyone managed to successfully fit a different unit, i.e fit a different facia to allow fitting of standard DIN unit etc.. Lexus replacement head seems way too expensive to fit to a 1999 car.
  3. Hi all, Driving along the other day, and suddenly lost FM reception on all frequencies, loads of noise on stations , very poor signal, O.K on LW. Problem still there when engine off, have checked connections of Aerial etc , including taking out radio unit and checking Aerial connection. Is the Aerial in anyway amplified? Or is the actual head unit that has the problem, anyone else ever had this problem any help greatly appreciated
  4. Fitting New Front Disks

    Cheers, Yes guess just unlucky, left hand side stuck solid, right hand side just dropped off, Thanks for advice will give it a wack tommo
  5. Fitting New Front Disks

    Hi Just ordered some front disks and pads from Prolex, pads seem very straightforward to change. But have had the brake assembly off, and cannot see how the disks come off, Any help greatly appreciated. Would like to finish the job this weekend so any help greatly appreciated.
  6. The Dreaded Err3 Error On Cd Player

    My CD Bay seemed blocked as well , but i was able to gently slide the edge of an old cd into the slot, try tilting the CD as you insert it into the slot.
  7. Went to add some CD's today only to get the famous ERR3 error on the player. (out of warrenty) I have had this before and have always managed to finally eject the CD's, but not today, seem locked up for good. Checked the forums for the tricks to fix this and found generally people seem to give up and get a huge bill from lexus. I tried the suggested fix of removing the fuse to reset the unit, No joy. So then tried second fix I had read on one of the forums, basically just carefully insert another CD into the slot, but only about 1 to 2 inches of the disk and keep jiggling the disk around and pressing the eject button. Well what do you know it worked, all 6 CD's popped out, reloaded disks again and all well. :D