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  1. I have one for sale. It's brand new and still in it's box. PM me if you're interested.
  2. To give you a bit more info. on this bypass valve.... Basically what it does is allow the charger to operate more efficiently. It takes engine power to compress the air in the charger, which is obviously offset by the power increase it gives you. For example, in simple terms, it might take 50bhp to drive the charger, but the charger might create an increase of 150bhp. This would give a power increase of 100bhp. What this bypass does is actually bypass the charger when it is not needed (when cruising at 70 on the motorway for example) and therefore it does not take any power from the engine to
  3. I have a brand new one of these for sale: It a spare part that belongs to an IS200 super charger TTE describe it as a Valve, Assy, Bypass, Cable operated. Part Number AM 27929 Apparently it’s something that can be very useful as a spare for anyone who has a super charger fitted. I bought this when I bought my charger but never used it. It is spring operated with what looks like a pully attachment that opens and closes a 2 inch circular hole. :D I can’t remember how much they cost new but TTE should be able to tell you. PM me if your interested in buying it, or post on this thread if
  4. Are these still for sale? Yes :)
  5. Ar$e what's wrong with my computer??? :o I'll try another one. :D Phew, not just me then. :D Howdy John. Hope you're well? Not long now... :winky:
  6. I think these might be the files I'm looking for. I remember there being 4 pdf docs. :) Unfortunately I can't vew them as the url's are dead links.
  7. Steve's probably busy at the moment. Just bear with him I'm sure he'll get to your PM soon.
  8. You'll have more success shifting this on Ebay. I have sold 2 number plates on Ebay no probs.
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