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  1. I had a simular problem with my Altezza, in simular situations. I found that the dust shield was knocking against the caliper/wheel, just a little tap needed with a 5 pound lump hammer and It was fine ;) maybe some help.... ??
  2. 00JONI, If you're around the Derby area send me a U2U message, would like to compare cars.... I bought one of these also, and I'm not that convinced, It certainly looks the business, and I agree it sounds Loud, but powergains I'm not sure..... Need to get it on a rolling road me thinks. I have an aftermarket exhaust on mine, I think it's made by HKS but am not sure, I'll have a look under the car today and see if it has any stamps on it.... It was put on the car before I bought it so I can't be sure what it is. ps, I'm going to change the colour of the filter, Mine came in Green.... Yuk....., I'll go for a blue I think !!
  3. I bought one of these and have now fitted it, It looks the business, but I'm not all that keen on it. maybe it's me being an old fart... but it makes my Altezza sound like a MK1 Fiesta with a blown eghaust !!, I havent really noticed any power gains either. Purhaps it's because it needs re tuning to the new induction kit. People seem to hear me coming now before they see the car...... does anybody else have this problem ??
  4. Excellent... I havent got one of these. Very usefull, thanks gents
  5. I found that the dunlops at £126 V rated above 150mph were a hard compound which meant they stuck to the road like a knob of butter on a hot knife. and they didn't wear very well either. I just bought these, VENTUS K102 225/45 ZR17 W MFS basically a V/W grade ultra-high performance tire.Aggressive uni-directional 'V' shaped lateral groove enhances steering stability as well as lateral drainage, and minimizes whirling resistance.HKs new silica compound and TCT (Trapezoid Contour Theory) profile technology applied to enhance lateral stiffness for better handling on wet and dry road. I've done 4K on them already, and I would say I'm not very kind to tyres, on previous cars I usually get through a set in 6-8k or 2 sets a year. They have very good grip to the road much better than the dunlop, and they are wearing very well. with no road noise which I got with the dunlops aswell. you can see them on they are £77 each which includes vat and shipping, I got them balanced and fitted from a local tyre garage for £32 I saved over £200 not using the lexus garage, and have in my opinion a much better tyre that I am confident will not slip on corners like the dunlops did) plus I can't spin the wheels anymore from a standinTextg start which it did all the time with dunlops. hope this helps Charles
  6. I got the idea a while ago, then found out some American companies are already selling them..... Typical !! However all the ones I found used really poor motors and fans, You know like brushless jobs from a pc cpu fan or similar, you could go out and buy a complete setup using this technology for around £50 but I doubt you'd notice any difference. In generall the principal they all describe is perfect and should work. But in order to get any real gain in HP you need a seriously powerful fan. That’s why superchargers are historically driven from the engine. Far easier, much more power, but cost a few grand. I’ve looked at Lynch motor technology which develops significantly more torque. and instead of millie amps or a few amps drain that other fans require due to the very low wattage of the units. I'm going for a 800w motor which is slightly over 1HP, then dumping double the Voltage through it resulting in 3200w (approx) of power at the fan the problem is amps, it will require 133amps (approx) I've tested these motors for around 3 years now in electrically powered robots, using this method of over running the motors, many motors don't last long so they always need beefing up before hand if you want any life span out of them. Turbo's etc seem to give around 600-800cfm which is below what I've estimated mine should do. The benefit using an electric motor is mainly money, it's far cheaper per HP gain. and the electric Supercharger can be at full spool in milli seconds rather than seconds like a turbo. Don't get me wrong if you want real power go for something like a TTE Supercharger kit. I'm just experimenting and looking for something a little different that will give my car something else.... I've been on Robot wars 3 years running with a robot call "Suicidal Tendencies" and am just using my knowledge of electronics/motor design to have a go at supercharging my Altezza. I'll let you all know how I get on. and if It doesn't work I'll curl up in the fetus position and cry like a baby - and not tell anyone !!
  7. I ordered it this morning also. I'm making an Electric supercharger to fit inside this unit. if it all goes to plan it should produce around 1000cfm of charged intake straight into the engine at wide open throttle. This will give around 7% increase in HP. But I can't try any of it out using the stock Intake system, hence the purchase of the SuperPowerflow induction kit. But I'll have it Friday day. I'm hoping with the induction kit a gain of around 3-5BHP and a gain of around 14BHP with the electric Supercharger. I could be seeing 20BHP Increase. Problem I have though is I need a bigger battery !! to cope with the 116 amps this baby will draw. Any suggestions welcome !! Maybe this is why people use a belt driven supercharger...Hmmmm Still it's all good fun
  8. I have the same problem, with my ALtezza 3S-GE. Lexus/Toyota Grarage won't help either. What everbody has said so far is true though from my experience, Japan uses 100 Octane fuel. the best we can get is that 98 ron stuff, which no other country seems to like, it's banned in most countries because it's harmfull ?? My problem is the rev limiter stops me at 7000rpm, wont let me use the 9000rpm available, and stops me at 130mph dead. The only option I've found is from the Fensport website. They do a replacemnet ECU, shipping will be a few weeks though as they don't keep them in stock. They basically remove the limiters and revise the fuel mappings. They ship you out a new ECU and you post yours back to them. the cost is £795 which to me is a great deal of money for simply plugging in a devise and changing some settings. I'm not very kean on shelling out 795 big ones, but would like the limits removed. Additionally, Chatting with Fensport, I found that they are very keen to offer Lexus club owners a good discount, they have set everything up ready for this and are only waiting for a list of Gold Subscribed members from the club, so who ever is responsible for supplying this list of members to them should do so asap if the Gold members want a discount. Seems silly not to take them up on this offer. They are very helpfull and have given me some good advise in the past. PS. I have now de-badged my Altezza and am waiting for Fensort to send out my new TRD badge set for the rear and sides of the car.
  9. Ooo Oooo, where from and how much !! (wiping the dribble from my chin)
  10. It could have been me, people have comented that My black Altezza does seem to be silver when entering warp drive...
  11. I'll be up for a meet, I've never seen under the bonnet of an IS200 before... I bet it's the same as the Altezza, (apart from a couple more cyliders of course) I live in Derby, but I'm fine with anywhere...
  12. I had a weekend away to France last weekend, while the rally was on, boy was it fun.... There were allot of cars on empty autoroutes doing rediculous speeds....then onto Germany Anyway, after I had fantastic fun with BMW 320,328, on de restriicted roads I had loads of fun testing the car out. Anyway to cut along story short I came to realise that my car rev clock goes to 9 thousand RPM but it's limited to 7, and the top end limited to 130 something, The car had loads more left in it, very dissapointed. I took the car to the Lexus/Toyota dealership in derby today and they said they wouldn't de-restrict it :( has anyone successfully modified their cars ecu ? help needed please :(
  13. The Altezza doesn't have Traction Control, well mine doesn't anyway... So it's wheel spin most of the time, can be fun, but I'm sure I'll be going through tyres quickly !