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  1. Happy Birthday Global_Grafix!

  2. Ah... so it might fit then :) Pete... it's still on if it fits ← I dont have a clue if it fits a 300 or not, sorry. The strut tops are the same, and the body shell is the same, so it would fit in theory, the only thing is whats in the engine bay that could foul against it.....I dont know, Im not posh enough to have a 300 :)
  3. Chrome, this ties with the rear lights and wheels, in addition the Rhino would look vg in the red chrome ← I think thats the one Mat, the white can be cut using the Pearlescent vinyl which will contrast really well against the blue paint, the the rest of the vinyl can be "as seen", but dont forget that you get "issued" with a door stack for the UKD1 which could hide a fair amount of the door.
  4. Yeah, just do it, turbo or SC, it dont matter, so long as you do something. Come into the dark side my son, where those of us who have been cursed wander aimlessly in circles trying to think of something else to do to our cars without thinking about bills, food, girlfriends, wives, christmas presents for our children or anniversaries......... Ive been in the darkside that long I cant see my way out of it now - and Im looking for another "sensible" car to play with now
  5. Some of you with SC may have noticed that the MAP sensor sometimes causes the car to judder alot, especially when the throttle is floored. Im wondering whether it would be worth changing the current MAP Sensor to a 2-bar MAP Sensor from a Celica GT4. Would this work OK without disrupting the ECU? Maybe some of our resident technical wizards would know. Mr Catchpole????, Mr Clawley???
  6. I think maybe there could be a few mods needed on the gte lump as they are mounted in the car at an incline so the sump and oil pickup would need putting right, but then again, you probably already knew that.
  7. good point, this is why im asking for Marks opinion, however, the JGTC Supras were running 3S-GTE engines longitudely. i personally see no issues, the engine bolts up perfectly to the IS200 6 speed gearbox ← Really, the 3s-gte will bolt directly to the standard 6 speed box? Will the box take the power? Now thats interesting if it will :winky:
  8. I would go for the celica lump. Basically parts are easier to find, plus you dont need to do extensive work to unleash the power, just a few tweeks and shes good for about 330, plus the one you have in mind has history, yet the tezza one has none, which is a risk. We helped sort a customer with a few bits - celica GT4, mongoose exhaust, decat pipe, Apexi valve controller and a fuel pressure regulator, its now running 330bhp and 18psi, which is aboout at its turbos max and the bottom end is nearing a danger zone. The tezza lump is a straight forward mod, but as you know is alot more expensive to get anything from it. With the whole project possibly costing a few quid anyway, I would go with the celica power plant as replacement parts are a damm sight easier to source. Thats just my opinion
  9. Wizards Pulsoids are the ONLY ones designed to pulsate and operate as they do. Other solenoids do not work for very long. any other solenoids are supposed to be fully stripped and serviced after only 6 minutes of use. thats what it says in the original manual ! The materials the internals are manufactured from cause excessive wear as they are metal to metal, and they stick in the open position frequently. I know of several users of other brands who have had engines pack up due to this. be very careful.
  10. Just thought I would ask the question. Is there anyone here that deals with CCTV Equipment? I am in the market for a Wireless CCTV System to cover the new workshop and Offices. I will be needing several cameras for inside and outside with Infra Red, PIR Trigger to record (either PC or VHS) etc etc. Possibly upto 10 cameras.
  11. The boost and EGT are £275 standard boost and temp are £150. If you think about it though, thats 2 gauges. You will pay 80 quid for a quality one without any sensors !! No probs though, not trying to sell you one, just thought i would mention it. Also, you may struggle to find a standard gauge with the low scale. Let us know if you cant find anything, as we also do the full Mocal range
  12. Have you thought about an SPA Design Gauge, thats what I use. Duel Digital readout; mines a boost and EGT, backlit, very accurate self scaling. fits any 52mm pod and comes with all sensors and loom
  13. My Sensor is tee'd into the bottoom pipe and works fine
  14. Have you got the lex going then pete ← Yup. But not on track, I might break it again