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  1. okay, here goes ..... 1) 1982 Vauxhall Chevette - 4 door (c/w box speakers, spot lights and a whale tale spoiler) - it was lovely bronze 2) 1984 MG Metro (blew the engine) 3) 1989 Metro Sh1tty - nuf said 4) 1988 XR2 - fantastic car - old style, too much bother from the old bill though 5) 1991 Cavalier SRi - loved that car as well 6) 1998 Peogeot 406 - first company car (like the French - temperamental!) - fell to bits after 3 years 7) 2001 IS 200 .... bliss!!! My "Shuv-it" was still the car closest to my heart!
  2. You could have been really kind and made it short sleeved!!!!
  3. Am flying through Gatwick on Sunday .... was quite relieved earlier in the week that all of the attention was on Heathrow and not Gatwick ... but then that pesky Venezualan/Columbian/Bangladeshy (depends which paper you read) turned up with a little hand grenade ... :angry: Come to think of it ... with all of those Police and troops at heathrow, I wonder if they will be able to find my bag ...... seems to go missing every other time I fly through there ..
  4. Cook the tea and wash up and bring you some daisies from next doors garden when we HAVENT done anythign wrong ...... You don't want much do you ...... Anymore of that and you'd be wondering what we had been up to!
  5. You forgot to mention giving her a clean inside ..... :P
  6. I can thoroughly recommend it - I did one up here in the hinterlands ... well, Elgin to be precise, and the guy that ran it also trained Grampian Police. Dealt with the usual under/over steer and how to catch it - but also stuff like total-loss of control (ice), aquaplaning, cadence braking and braking to avoid an object (pensioner, child etc) who has walked in front of you. I did it when I still was a FWD guy, and am thinking about doing it again now that I have the IS200. B)
  7. Thanks for the tip JB, it is being done by Autowindscreens - any experience of them?
  8. Claire, Luckily it is covered by Lex One-call!! (phew) I will check to make sure that my buggy doesnt come back with a toyotal badged screed as opposed to a Lexus! Just a darn pest ........ :duh:
  9. Had the misfortune to take a large projectile square on the top of the windscreen the other night ..... thought I had got away with it until yesterday and saw a lovely crack gleefully spreading down the screen Got it booked it for Friday - at the small cost of 500 beer tokens ... the point of my post - has anybody else had their screen replaced - and if so are there any tips on what to look out for when they are removing and refitting? :eerrrmm:
  10. Throw in a rope swing and a death slide to the pub and I'll take it ....
  11. I hope they have ...... please keep me posted! Tyre soap ... obviously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :doggy:
  12. I think that it has been more to do with the fact that they have given the job to the brake specialist or MOT guy as opposed to the fitters! Fitting is a skill .... the good ones can change your boots in no time - without a scratch ... whereas the brake specialist might only fit one or two sets per week ..... 45 profiles are a b@gger to fit anyway becuase the sidewall is so stiff and small! Last time I was in the guy took 10 minutes to get the tyre off the rim ..... I was on the point of putting the boiler suit on and doing it myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As with Lex leasing .... there was no movement, believe me I tried!!! My next move is to switch from KF to National - and see what they have in stock first!!!
  13. word of caution clare, I also have a Lex car, and they too told me to go to Kwik-Fit (who had terrible problems getting the tyres on and off the rim ... so keep an eye on what the fitter is doing and check your wheels!) - but Kwik Fit were told by Lex to replace the 9000's with 2000's (despite having 9000's in stock) ... I was not impressed, but there isn't anything I can do to change Lex's mind. The 2000's are pretty poor in comparison. But it's their car ......... Anyway, keep an eye on those fitters when they are fighting with your new boots ....!!
  14. I love it when the light comes on like that .. by the time it's worked out you are skidding, you are generally requesting a change of underwear!!!!! I'd sure get a sore neck driving to work in reverse .. don't think the old bill would be too pleased!