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  1. Ive heard a few people going on about an IS200 Turbo that comes like that from the factory. I always thought that all the turbo'd ones you see were conversions? Anyone know if this is correct? A few mates have said that its some imports have turbo's fitted from the factory? I know they do the quicker altezza import 4 pot with more power buy didnt think they ever did a turbo. Cheers.
  2. I suppose it will be down to the descretion of the individual dealer. I dont think they HAVE to give it you back as thats what a deposit is, although id just explain your circumstances and maybe try and hint that you'd be wanting one in the near future but not just yet.
  3. Ok thanks for that mate. How much was the spoiler mate, and i assume they do come painted?
  4. Cheers mate, i was trying to think of his name as i havnt been on for a ages and forgot his username. ill drop him a PM mate. Cheers. :)
  5. Im looking for a lip spoiler and a sport grille for my platinum ice IS200. Anyone know wheres the best and cheapest place to get them, preferably in silver ready to fit. Do the dealers still do them and how much are they? Cheers. :)
  6. I also checked the phone list to see if my Sony Ericsson K800i is compatible and its NOT on the list. I find it hard to believe that earlier SE's like the K750i are listed but not mine.
  7. I much prefer the tomtom to be honest. Seems easier to use. I believe the garmin 300 doesnt have built in handsfree with bluetooth does it???
  8. Anyone got the tomtom 910? What do you think of it? Ive got the tomtom 300 now, but is it really worth me shelling out the extra for the 910? The cheapest price i can find on the net is £415 at dixons online. Anyone know anywhere cheaper than that? Tomtoms list of compatible phones for the bluetooth is also worrying me a bit as my K800i isnt in the list although other, older SE phones are?? Anyone using a k800i with the 910?? Cheers.
  9. Just wondered if anyone knows what other cars my wheels will fit. They were off my IS200, and are 8x18 ATP Inox Stainless 225/40/18's. Would these wheels fit a 96/N Toyota Supra Twin Turbo as I was thinking of buying one at the weekend. it would be a bonus if I could stick the wheels straight on. B) Thanks, Rich. :D
  10. Cant be any help with the measurments but why not just get them from the dealer. Mine were £20.
  11. 4000 euro for a dvd and playstation with screens in headrests??? Got to me more to it than that for that kind of money surely???
  12. Yours looks a little lighter than mine were. Are your rears factory tints?? The fronts look slightly lighter in the pics so you might acually be legal. The guy said mine let 65% light through and the legal limit is 70% minimum. They do look pretty dark in the pics but werent that bad at all and were definatly not unsafe!!! :tsktsk: Anyway, only a matter of time i suppose. Ive got away with it for a while but they seem to have recently clapmed down on timnts in my area now and the guy did say there about to spend money advertising the laws nationwide this year.
  13. I had the fronts tinted to match the rears of my Sport ages ago now. Never had a problem, been pulled on spot checks a couple of times before and they never mentioned the windows at all. However, my luck ran out the other day and was pulled by a T5, specifically for the windows, not speeding or anything. They put a meter on my front windows, said they were illegal, gave me a £30 fine, and was told to take them out or ill be in court and up for a fine of around £1000!!!! Had to take the car to a VOSA test station to be checked and my form stamped!!! Has anyone else had a problem with tints or have I just been unlucky??? My tints were perfectly safe in my opinion and never had a problem with vision. It annoys me when you see people, mainly range rovers, with proper 'blacked out' windows AND stupid number plates and they seem to get away with it!! These are the ones that ARE dangerous in my opinion!! :tsktsk: Anyway, rant over.
  14. 2002 51 reg IS200 Sport 47,000 miles with FLSH Scarletti Red Usual Sport spec 18" ATP Inox Stainless Wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3's. Wheels and tyres only covered 4000 miles and are as new costing £1300!! Tinted front windows to match rears Sport grill Centre armrest fitted Near MINT condition throughout £10795 (or £9995 with standard 17's) Brand new OEM 17's with tyres available Also Custom Sat Nav and Lexus motorised housing available Does anyone think this is too expensive or about right as im going to be advertising it in the autotrader soon. All opinions welcome. :P
  15. About 6 miles to work, then 6 miles home during the week. Its actually been fine since I posted on here!! Think ill just change the battery anyway as I dont want it to fail and leave me stranded. It is the original battery too, so 4 years old.
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