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  1. Happy Birthday bigsul!

  2. Ellz, I never had a problem so I can't help you out there. Like you say , try again tomorrow mate.
  3. I too am wary of this kind of thing, however I'm not losing anything and I get a good deal on some DVD's. I took the risk and the Channel DVD club is totally above board, no real catches at all. :)
  4. Hiya All, Long time no see. Found this link on a golfing website. It seems pretty genuine, read all the terms and conditions and there are a few ifs and buts, but no real catches. I went for the 2 DVD's for £10 offer, Xmas is coming after all !! The prices on Channel DVD's website are reasonable as well after you take the offer. I was a bit wary, but its okay. Give it a go, I'll post back when I get me new ipod ! Cheers, bigsul
  5. i dont like the wood either, i dont like wood in cars full stop, doesnt make it feel luxury to me, just makes me feel like im in an old mans car. ← Bang on. Wood out Man! Back end, and instruments are okay. Front is pant's, those wing mirrors?
  6. I got the bonnet and wings resprayed under warranty.
  7. Eurgh! In a word ... "Bogging". It might have better paint, alloys, stereo, etc though. However the first IS should have had them!
  8. Glad your pleased Mate. :D Don't forget feedback.
  9. Been away up to Scotland. Thanks to everyone who bid or bought, glad your pleased. ;)
  10. I just want you guys to get some bargains. I'm all heart :) ! Anyway LAST FEW HOURS people, have a look at the start of the thread if you haven't already. Just think you'll be rid of me tomorrow :P !!
  11. Last day of the sale Tuesday 15/02/05. Bid on a bargain. Check the items out at the start of the thread.
  12. 2 days left ! See items at the start of the thread, if you haven't already.