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  1. I think the only ones that work are the ones that have a high enough concentration of the chemical that breaks down the soot deposits. I used BG44k and it seemed to be effective. It doesn't promise to give you loads more mpg or bhp but it did get me an extra 1 mpg and engine seemed smoother....
  2. I've had LS430, RX350 and 2 * RX 450h with air suspension and never had a single problem. RX 350 SE-L had it RX 450H first gen SE-L RX 450H second gen it's on the Premium
  3. Normal is standard mode for everyday. High can be used if you wanted extra clearance - wading across shallow ford or in deepish snow (remember it's not a Range Rover so don't get carried away! :D ) Low - for making car loading easier / easier entrance for short people.
  4. my 2p worth : I have had RX 350 and 450H. The 350 is great vehicle. I had it from new for 3 years and had no suspension issues and got between 20-25 mpg - so will you do enough miles to see the mpg saving over the life of the car compared to the Rx400?
  5. As Colin states DAB was standard from 2009 model but not sure it was on every trim level. I am on my second RX450 and only things to watch out for in my experience are : - there was a recall for alarm glass breakage sensor I think. - front wheel tracking after tyre replacement - every time I had tyres done it needed re-doing. - trim squeaks and rattles in centre console and door panels - battery - some RXs suffered from failing main 12V batteries (not the ones for the hybrid) - I had IPOD crashing issues - solved by turning off the option to display cover art only other thing to watch for is the large smile on your face when you find you can drive in snow as compared to the GS :-)
  6. Have to say I am starting to lose a little love for Lexus. I am huge fan as my bank manager will confirm having had LS 430, GS 430, RX 350, RX 450 and another RX 450. On the face of it the NX should suit me perfectly but......................the engines on paper look disappointing... The hybrid - too slow. The 200t better but still not that quick and much thirstier than similar diesels from BMW/Audi/Merc etc. Saving grace? Exclusivity. But come on Lexus give us real world power and economy!! Imagine NX with engine from Audi SQ5!
  7. Berkshire to Cornwall, back and then to Durham, Edinburgh and back to Berkshire. 32.9 mpg. Me and luggage in car. After refueling and doing 50 on the many miles of empty roadworks on M1 I saw about 44 mpg.
  8. may be related to
  9. Hi folks, Since 2009 when I got my first RX 450h I have been plagued by random IPOD crashes every few days. Trawling the US forums I came across this solution from Sarmyth - Seems to work on mine so thought I would re-post. In short it seems to be the cover art transfer....."I've found a setting which fixed all my iPod issues on an ML audio system... no more crashing iPod, random disconnects, non-responsive "transferring data" banners... everything just works. Go into the ipod audio settings and uncheck the option which transfers album art." Hope this helps anyone else with similar issues.
  10. Sony XP and the messaging works randomly as does the call history transfer - love Lexus but their in car electronics are definitely lagging behind the likes of BMW now.
  11. Just found this - explains which phones work and which don't - grim reading
  12. anyone do a step by step on how to get this working? Please!! :-)
  13. sorry my assumption was what was the difference between the original 3rd gen rX and the latest model rx - gen 3.5... it does have a sport mode. Mine was bought September 2012.
  14. running lights 4 parking sensors at front updated screen graphics new trim in cabin better DAB reception IMHO no longer has 6 slot CD in dash or HD storage of music power socket and ipod port now at top of centre console not the bottom power socket under dash/console redesigned cargo cover - shorter but less rattly redesigned menu options from the steering wheel which is also has new buttons EV mode now has a button near armrest sport mode simplified voice control internet search option - which I cannot get to work on Vodafone Bluetooth audio option Satnav has speed limits listed
  15. I thought it already did? In Nav screen select destination then top right it says 1/2 - move to page 2 and there is full post code entry...if my memory serves
  16. Averaging 31.5 overall since new. Trip from London to Edinburgh then back down to Cornwall registered 33.4 mpg
  17. Hi - no joy with my phone either. Was told by Lexus that my contract had to support tethering. Mine doesn't as standard so maybe that is it? I'm on Vodafone btw.
  18. James. I have samsung galaxy s2 on vodafone and can't get it to work. Any advice? do you need tethrering on? Cheers Rillo
  19. As you know the RX is not designed for real off roading. Clay is actually some of the worst stuff you can stuck in no matter what you drive. However you can switch off the traction control by pressing the TRC button which kills TRC or holding button down for 5 seconds which switches whole VDIM system off.
  20. Well the issue is out and the idiotic gurning face on the RX page is mine Best bit is they "washed" my car using photoshop by the looks of it.
  21. looks nice but............ prices have jumped so basically 60K for a new grill and GUI seems a lot!
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