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  1. Hello fellow members, The time has come for my Aristos periodic service and I was considering using STP engine flush to give it a good clean before I put new oil in, but ive heard a rumour that the chemicals can damage the turbos! Is this true?
  2. Does your car have a de limiter fitted? A faulty delimiter can cause your ect system to go haywire leading to the car to get stuck in each gear and not allow manual mode, also your engine management light and ect light would be flashing on the dash I had this problem few weeks ago, took my car to JEM service who checked and found the delimiter fault had to get a brand new one fitted by them but it cured the problem.
  3. Hello all, Can anyone please enlighten me as I cannot access the audio menu once the diagnostic test is complete. I waited until the diagnostic test was complete then pressed the top right hand button on the touch screen (which i assumed it was the menu button) then when it goes on to next screen I pressed the AM button for over 5 seconds but nothing happens Is there anything Iam not doing right? Regards Rocky
  4. you induction kit is the same one as mine, only thing is ive got the mk2 aristo so this explains why it just wont fit on my car Any one with a mk1 want to purchase a blitz intake same as the one on the photo? please send me a pm cheers
  5. Hi The pipe ive got doesnt have a rubber grommet, its off a toyota supra 2jz-gte so technically whoever had it on before would have taken off the section of the intake with the sensor and disconnected it (most probably)!! Am I right in thinking that this sensor monitors the flow of air and keeps the idling balanced????
  6. Hi all, Ive just purchased a Blitz air intake with the stainless steel pipe. just had a look at the standard setup and seen that there is a sensor connected to one of the hoses Is there a way to get disconnect this sensor or incorperate it into the Blitz setup and will it have any adverse affect disconnecting it?/ Any advice will be much appreciated Thanks
  7. Hi all, long time no post I know, had a little accident one icy evening and landed straight in to a roandabout at about 80mph!!! as you can imagine the front driver side was completly trashed and the rear wheel moved back as well! Its been in the garage now for 7 weeks and finally gona get it back this week after haveing much of the underneath of the car replaced (exept for the ARS) which they are going to investigate, ill make sure of it!!! Any way i just wanted to find out how you can manually adjust the headlight as mine focus too near to the car, its a night mare on the motorway in the middle of the night. I tried to turn a nut with an 8ml head directly behind the light and it did make a slight difference but then a light came up on the dash (the headlight sign with an arrow pointng up and one pointing down) so i changed it back. Please help. Rocky
  8. Ive got EBC red stuff pads and discs on the front of my Mk.ii Aristo. The other day driving about 40-50 mph on a single road when a silly tit in a Ford Fiesta pulled out of a side street right in front of me I slammed on the brakes full force and the most least expected thing happened The bloody thing skidded a couple of feet !!!!! Does this mean that my ABS isnt working or is this expected to happen? Got green stuff pads on the back as well and new toyota discs so cant understand how it could. Has this got anything do with sensors? Btu no warning light on the dash
  9. I get that as well but driving into work this morning a felt the steering wheel vibrate which indicates to me the disc is on its way out again WARP SPEED I dont think it can be a fault with the disc itself as after the mechanic fitted the new pair and spun the wheel you could hear it then Could it be the actual wheel itself?
  10. Hello all, Long time no see! To be honest my v300 has been running quite smoothly without any problems up until now hence this post. I recently prurchased EBC GREEN STUFF pads and discs for the front but I noticed as soon as I left the garage that I could here a shhhhh sound one in every wheel turn and then after a few weeks the steering wheel would judder when I pressed the brake. I contacted Ebc as the disc had warped and they replaced them no questions asked :D But i can still hear the binding sound, took it back to the garage and no one can find any thing wrong with it!!! Could there be any thing else that I dont know about that would cause the disc to rub against the pad I mean its just really wierd Any advice will be greatly appreciated Thanks
  11. Mornin all, Sometimes when Im driving on the right of the speedo a yellow light with a oil can and waves underneath comes on for a few seconds and then goes off again checked the oil level and its just under max. Does anyone know what it means? Regards Rocky
  12. OOOPS!!! I knew there had to be six! Sort it tommorow Thanks for that Colin Regards
  13. Hello, Just recently serviced my car and bought 6 Denso iridium spark plugs The problem is that I could only find 3 sparkplugs to come out !!!!! Is this right that the 3 litre six cylinder twin turbo beast of an engine only takes 3 spark plugs? Either that or Im losing me marbles cos I spent 45 mins trying to find the other 3 Regards Rocky
  14. hi, got mine sorted a few weeks ago. bought a whole new master cylinder and pump for £1100 + vat fully assembled bought from U Save Auto Tel:08456589777 speak to jason or adrian It is most definetly a fault with the electrics, maybe the circuit board, or the brake oil pressure sensor which is about £300 the reason why im so sure is that i spent £500 getting the master cylinder and abs pump reconditioned and it was still happening!!!!! Dont try and cut corners as youll end up spending alot more than you should "trust me I know" Good Luck Rocky
  15. Hi all, Just purchased a pair of michellin pilot sport 275/40/18's but I just had a thought that they might just be too big!!!! My alloys are off the new sc430 (the disc ones) and ive got pirelli pzero rossos 255/45/18 on the front and Bridgestone 265/40/18 on the back will I be ok with the 275's on the rear??????????? Best Regards Rock