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  1. Stallone looks even better in Rambo than in Rocky. Must be the longer hair or all that Human Growth Hormone he jacks up with whch he got caught with in Aussie.
  2. We all know that mancunian called Gallagher had the presence....tw@t...lol
  3. He is ok. Is his speech impediment real?
  4. Ah man i cant handle the booze like i used to...
  5. Whats the VR6 with s/c putting out? Dont forget the lex is luxury.
  6. I would have smashed it up. I got the 360 when it first came out and mine did it as well but was covered under warranty so i had it sent back. Hardly played on it since, waste of time just glad i never paid for it. Play more on my PSP.
  7. It makes sense now dude. Cheers :winky:
  8. Wow this is very sad indeed as i exchanged PM's with him. RIP.
  9. Jesus you got the RS6 as well Rsarin? I must admit that i do like the RS4 estate more. Both awesome cars though. Anees i will bang pics up soon dude. :winky:
  10. Dude the only way i managed to remove them was to open the entire thing. Its done it again today so looks like i will be doing it again tomorrow.
  11. These tart up their cars over here which they have brought over and think they are extras in the fast and the furious lol!!
  12. B)--> QUOTE(Hank B @ Jun 14 2007, 10:35 PM) ← I'll prob keep the lex for another year and get an E46 in time for next summer, I just got a fat pay rise so it'll be fully noticable by next year. I just love lookin at the lex, but it aint all that to drive, I want a real drivers car with bags of go, cause sadly the lovely lex is all bark and no bite, all show and no go, unless you get a charged 300 hmmm So very true. BTW Rsarin i have just secured my e46 soft top M3, in black for a decent price. :winky:
  13. Lucky i havent done this yet in mine but i have been close. £200 a panel is about right.