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  1. Many thanks Steve, that does indeed make sense. Anyway, I am grateful to everyone for their posts and advice, but for now I feel I need to take a back seat on this forum. (In the LS, of course!) So do excuse me if it goes a bit quiet from this end, for a while at least. Regards to all, Rich
  2. Passenger seat most likely - I got it put on a code reader today the result was sensor in L/H seat. Cleared, OK now. Is this a known issue then? R
  3. Well, the only issues I know about are: Front pads worn (and mentioned on a safety inspection sheet) Battery is a bit suspect - it's a Varta and I think it had been on charge, as he'd forgotten to put the shroud back on Transmission fluid plum-colored with a grey tinge - not good! Airbag light flashing (possibly battery-related, I don't know) Advisory on a front lower balljoint Bonnet struts failed Hoping to get the car up on a ramp today, after which I'll know more. And then there's the question of what to do with my faithful old car. Torn between selling it and parting it out for spares - most of which won't fit the new one. R
  4. If only I'd known! Might have been glad of a second pair of eyes. Perhaps you know the seller - or at least know of him?
  5. Well, it was inevitable. I bought it, of course! From a nice old gentleman who has a sizeable collection of vintage Rolls Royces. And, he was the second owner, the first having been a wealthy land-owner nearby. There's a fully-stamped service book (up to 2011) and a bunch of service tick-shhets, which I've yet to look through. Not many receipts, as the previous owner is now deceased, as is his accountant (so I was told) who kept all the bills. The only thing I'm not happy about is the transmission fluid, it's pretty dark-looking. I do wonder if it's ever been changed. But I took a chance, given that the car is virtually mint in every other area. Certainly made the 100-odd-mile trip home OK. Brake pads are worn, which is very annoying, given that I've just paid out for new discs and pads on my old car. So it'll be beans on toast for us for the next few month, I think! This is the car: 400&logcode=p
  6. Thanks guys... One concern is that, based on what I've read on here, starter motor problems seem to be more common. Also, what was the year that they introduced variable valve timing? What differences should I expect on a test drive compared with the 1994 model?
  7. It's a 1999 model. Therefore, would anybody with one be kind enough to put up some photos of what the instrument cluster should look like at positions 1, 2 and running. Just so I know what indicators should be on, and if any are missing. Any other important things to look for would also be appreciated. Quite a bit different from the Mk1/2, so I'm in uncharted territory here. Thanks in advance, Rich
  8. For me it would have to be the 25 Monaco. Zero street cred, but those seats! And that dash! (Or the Eagle Premier version, for total obscurity...)
  9. Would just like to confirm... If a flange from a '92/3 would fit in a steering knuckle on a '94. I guess an easier way of asking might be: Is the wheel bearing the same across those years? What I do know is that a complete knuckle assembly from the earlier model won't fit my '94, because (in addition to the splash shield being different), the caliper is smaller on the earlier type, with narrower fixing centres.
  10. I bought my '94 LS from a gentleman in Lancing, some 8 years ago, and he did indeed have a silver '430. He ran a domestic appliance emporium in Worthing. So I'm not saying it was, but it could have been!
  11. Perhaps he's learned to play the "discrimination" card, and people back off for fear of being accused of a "hate crime". Political correctness can be used as weapon in the arsenal of ne'er-do-wells, unfortunately.
  12. I would recommend phoning Chris or Ian at Westfield Motors, Rayleigh. It's a Toyota/Lexus independent that's been there for a good many years, and they used to sell LPG. They should be able to advise as to whether it's a fault with your car, or the station pump. The freezing effect of vaporizing liquid gas is to be expected, which of course is the principle behind refrigeration. Hopefully you got away with it, but do get yourself checked out if you have any lasting adverse effects.
  13. I have a genuine Toyota battery which is still good and must now be at least 6 years old. It's apparently made in France. Mind you, it let me down the other day - but this was because I'd left the door ajar all night. Not good when you've agreed to take someone to a hospital appointment, and you turn the key and... nothing.
  14. It does have air suspension - which could explain the ride height. (And those zebra mats: What wouldn't i give for a decent set of those?) O/S/R wheel is wrong polarity (all others are correct) which suggests it could be the spare. And is the headlining sagging, or is it just the grab-handle? Not sure... Still, you can tell from the steering wheel that the mileage is very low.
  15. The last of the V8, RWD US Fords (4 models) can compete IMO - but have been consigned to the history books since 2011. In fact, driving the 1995 Crown Vic inspired me to get the LS400. The Lexus is better built of course, but in terms of perceived refinement there wasn't much in it.