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  1. Thanks Steve, Seems I'm the only one. I do "accept all" when asked and will mail if it happens again. Bound not to now ! Alan
  2. Agree. They seem to have totally run out of brains !!
  3. I've lost count of the number of times I keep getting "we value your privacy" on this site. Do others keep on getting the same request or is it just me ? I agree to all but it doesn't seem to last. Alan
  4. Good Man ! Lockdown has been well used. I'd never heard of Lexington Lab Band and they have some fabulous stuff on Tube. Not so rocky but still amazing are " The Foxes and Fossils ". Tons of real talent and such nice people. I can't get enough of them. Alan
  5. It was a pi$$ take . Just seeing if there were any fans of Tommy by the WHO amongst us.
  6. I think this was the last time we heard from Chris. I sent him a personal message but he never replied. He did an amazing amount of work to his RX and some fantastically detailed posts. Worth checking him out. There have been others like him but he was up there with the best. I hope he's OK. Alan
  7. Happy Christmas to all my learned friends on this forum. Got a feeling '21 is gonna be a good year ...... Alan
  8. Gov. website says it is BLUE. Taxed and MoT . Looks silver to me. When I sold my 2005 RX the rear brake backing plates were very badly rusted through. Worth having a look at those.
  9. Just been out for essential shopping and glad to report that I still have wiper blades that work ! They seem quieter ( unless I'm imagining it ) and no problems with any smearing on the windscreen. My blades were only just over a year old but had accumulated a lot of crud that the WD40 removed. I'll use it again ( now I know how to get at the blades ) and report back if anything goes wrong. Alan
  10. No need for any scoring. There was never any competition. Glad of all the advice received. Just hope I haven't dissolved my blades ! Alan
  11. When you're as daft as me you need all the help you can get! I've now found this information in the 4RX owners manual on page 89 under "driving". Who'd have thought it eh ? Thanks everybody Alan
  12. Oh dear ! Was so excited to get the blades up I got the WD out before seeing your reply. Much filth came off but maybe that was the blade material. Won't know till I take her out.
  13. Yeeeeeh !! Wipers spring upright . Thanks so much Colin. I don't think this is in the manual so how did you get to know this ?
  14. Manual for the 4RX finishes at page 245. The only mention I could find about wipers was the de-icer ( if equipped).
  15. Duh !! never even thought to look there ! I'll try Colin's trick ( if I can tear myself away from this computer) and report back. I also wasn't convinced it (WD40) would work but will let you know if it does. Alan
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