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  1. Mine is a similar sounding annoying little creak that came on with the hot weather. I found that mine comes from the black cover above the RHS air vent on the drivers side. Pressing fingers into it stops it so I've used credit cards which work but don't look very pretty. When I can be bothered I'll get a thick black shoe lace and push that in starting nearest the windscreen pillar and then working all the way round.
  2. Our resident "sparks" (Herbs) will be along soon with the answer to this. I'm no electrician but I'd have just put 12 volts ( in parallel ) from a slave battery across the battery terminals the second before I pulled the positive off. Is there a problem with doing that ? Alan
  3. I did as well Les. You had your tyres changes a while back. Could it have come loose then ? or been disturbed ? I've always found the wheels on the premier and now the Takumi don't look as good as the next level down whatever that's called.
  4. My battery was well over 14 years old when I sold my 2005 RX. Is the Mk4 going to have this same issue ? If so, it seems pretty poor.
  5. Yes, mine was still set at OFF so it stays at whatever it's set at. Interestingly I always take a wet face flannel in a poly bag if I go on a long journey as my eyes get very dry in the car. Clearly I hadn't noticed the effect of this nanoe at all so wonder how effective it is.
  6. I found my Nanoe menu yesterday so thanks for the alert. Mine was set to "ON" so I've switched it off to check if the default is ON when I start her up today.
  7. On Sunday I was taken out in my son in laws new all electric Mercedes which I think was an EQC to replace his GLC. So quiet, so SMOOOTH, I was blown away by it. Zero vibration at any speed. Guess I'll have to dream on and on.
  8. I never bother with it either. Always found it rubbish.
  9. I disliked the vibration on my first 4RX ( GU17LNP ) that I sold it after a year. Whilst they were trying to fix it I tried several others but only one was as smooth as my old 2005 RX SEL. None of them were as bad as GU17 and I made the decision to go for a new Takumi and keep my fingers crossed. My latest is nowhere near as bad as GU17 but I know exactly when the ICE is doing 1,100 rpm or thereabouts. Everything else about the car is amazing but this one is on a PCP and will go after the 3 years. It may be the end of my Lexus days which will be very sad. Thanks Colin. I read the whole of
  10. If the vibration has only just started then Les may be right about the tyres. Worth thinking about. My first 4RX was a 2017 Premier but I got fed up with the vibration at about 1,100 rpm and eventually decided to sell it. None of the 4RX I've driven were as silky smooth as my 2005 SEL and neither is the one I'm driving now. In the thread that Colin showed a picture of the original poster even fitted dampers but that didn't work either. I've bought an endoscope to see if I can see what's going on whilst I drive so how desperate is that ! Do please report back on how you're getting on. Alan
  11. If it's a fairly subdued and fairly quiet beep-beep then on ours that's for a fixed speed camera listed on the sat mapping. Wish it did a MASSIVE BEEP for a radar gun !! As Las Palmas said you'll get a louder beep and a BRAKE sign come up if the car thinks you're not hitting the brake hard enough and there's a car in front of you. Also when a car swerves right in front of you to exit a road at the very last minute.
  12. I need the BEEPS and find them helpful especially in the 20 mph zones. I like the way it changes to and from red but I do like to try and look through the front window occasionally. Every journey to CostCo Bristol it reads the prominent 20 sign at the entrance to the road on the left before you get to the CostCo entrance. I haven't found a button yet that cancels it manually but I'd rather keep the system on as I picked up a ridiculous speeding fine 2 years ago.
  13. She looks lovely ! I prefer the wheels on yours to the ones they put on the Premier / Takumi. Mine has the HUD which is a real help. That is, when you can see it ! Soon as I put sun glasses on it's gone. I never used to bother with "shades" but am at that age where glare is a problem. Does yours have the speed recognition system ? I have mine on but get annoyed that there is no manual OFF button. If it doesn't see the CLEAR sign then you get BEEP BEEP for a while till it wakes up. Enjoy
  14. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Herbs ! I see very few Mesa red and was surprised to see one parking up in town just last week. It was exactly the same colour combo as yours and looked fantastic. I had a good chat with the owner as I've just had my fuel pump recall letter but he knew nothing about it ( same plate as mine 69 ). Hope all goes well - you'll be well excited. Alan
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