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  1. Good info. Les. Do you fill up with unleaded or super unleaded fuel? I think you'll get a few more mpg on your new RX. Alan
  2. This is my issue ( resonance & vibration ) with the 4 series RX. Other than that it's an absolutely fabulous car. The only solution for me was to get shot and take a gamble that a new one would be better. It is much better but the problem is still there to a certain extent. During my first year of owning the 4RX I drove about 6 in total whilst they looked at mine. Only one of those 6 was as smooth as my old series 2RX but none was as bad as mine. I'm hoping Colin can work out how so much engine vibration is getting through into the cabin. Alan
  3. This all sounds so similar to the problems I experienced with my first 4Rx. I remember getting a nail and taking the car to my "tyre man" He was intrigued by the car's menus as he sat in the driver's seat. I had forgotten to turn the engine to off and when the engine started itself he was appalled by the noise and the vibration and said this cannot be right. He also mentioned exhaust dampers but I didn't know what he was talking about. Lexus did eventually change the exhaust system but, although it improved things, it didn't solve the problem. The only solution came by saying bye bye. My new car is better but still has some of the annoying characteristics. Maybe it doesn't affect other drivers but I still think Lexus has a built in problem here and that a prestige brand should have spent more effort ensuring that the engine's vibrations are kept out of the cabin. I too will be seeing what else is available when the time comes. Alan
  4. Hi Colin, I had a similar problem with a 17 plate Premier and posted here about vibration and judder. After 14 years of near serene driving in my series 2 (2005) RX300 this nearly drove me mad. Unlike you I failed to replicate it and Lexus said it wasn't there at all. I could feel the vibrations coming up through the driver's seat and so spent a huge amount of time underneath the car. The exhaust is suspended by 6 rubber hangers. 4 of them allow considerable movement back to front but the other 2 virtually prevent it and only offer a few millimetres of moment. I felt as though the engine vibration was coming into the cabin when the engine was pushing the exhaust silencer tight against the holders. I even bought "fire rope" and was going to remove the rubber mounts and use the rope ( with a metal wire for safety !) as a test. Rope never got used as I gave up and sold it. I drove about 6 RX450h's whilst mine was in dock and only 1 was as smooth as my '05. The others had a bit of what I was complaining about but mine was terrible. My new (69) one is not as smooth as I'd like but it is bearable. Otherwise the car is amazing. I also wondered if the car had faulty engine mounts but never found out. I was just surprised that a so called luxury brand could produce a product that was capable of vibrating the driver so much. I'd be interested if you ever find out what the cause is. Alan
  5. How dreadful. This is simply awful. I'd be sure to use another dealer for the next three services which will be at least £1,000 of lost business. Alan
  6. Is there any news John ? Have you picked her up yet ? or when will you. Horrible thing to have happened to you that will have tarnished the excitement I would have thought. Best wishes, Alan
  7. I always do a brim to brim analysis of my fuel consumption and calculate after several thousand miles. My 05 RX gave about 23.4 mpg which I thought was pretty good for such a heavy car. The dash computer was hopelessly inaccurate reading about 2 miles per gallon above this. My current RX450h is a massive improvement and the last calculation gave 40.1 mpg ! and the screen gave similar figures. The hybrid is adding power to the drive but it's when you stop that the fuel is saved when the engine is shut down. I am amazed that such a big car can deliver such economy. Alan
  8. Congratulations, I bet you can't wait ! I bought a 17 plate Premier last year and agree that the ride is excellent given that it runs on 20 inch wheels. The first thing that really stunned me was the HUD. It really helps me and I like that you can switch bits of info off that you don't want. Great when you're on navigation too. really cool. The 360 camera is good too but on mine when you stop you get a screen showing the view from the front camera. Err .... I can see that by just looking out the front window ! It would be better to see what's right behind you. Lexus say it can't be altered. The other amazing thing for me is the mpg. The screen says 39.0 mpg at the mo. I never trust on board computers but over the last 2,000 miles it's bang on. Enjoy your new pride and joy. Alan
  9. Milliput. Mends everything. I think there's even a mention of a car radiator in the pack insert. Sticks to plastic and now available in black ! Alan
  10. Have you ever used Milliput mark ? Since I was told about it I've mended so much stuff with it. You'd need to hold it in place for at least 2 hours. After that it's like steel. Easy to sand, easy to drill and it bonds to practically everything. I remember using it to fix some damage to the old RX rear bumper ( thanks to my dear wife ! ). I didn't go mad cleaning it but it bonded it and was there for over 12 years. Once it was sprayed matte black you just couldn't see the mend at all. I am reminded of it every day as I used it to mend my Sensor razor - still going strong which is good because Gillette don't make the razor anymore but you can get hold of blades off the web. Alan
  11. I've had a look underneath and can see the new end pipe. What's interesting is that they put 2 new rubber hangers on for the new silencer (they're just on the engine side of the large silencer ) and these are different to the original ones. For some reason Lexus has changed the rubber from 18 mm thick to 28 mm thick. I've said all along that these two hangers are at 90 degrees to the other 4. There was barely any room for movement on the old ones and now there's practically none. If Lexus has changed the centre section for some reason then they may also have redesigned the bracket that bolts to the underside of the body that the hangers are fixed to. Seems a daft idea to me to have 4 hangers that allow maximum movement back to front but then fit the remaining 2 hangers to prevent this movement. So how come every other 4th gen. RX has no problem ? Alan
  12. No, it's not the jerk that's my problem. I've just driven over 200 miles with just the rear part of the exhaust system replaced but not the centre section (as they got the wrong parts). I don't know whether I'm pleased or horrified as the problem is markedly worse. My wife drove home and said the same thing. Much, much more vibration coming up through but all they did was replace the end bit. How could that alone have made so much difference ? I was surprised to learn that they'd changed the centre section design at all so all I can hope is that when they replace that it will all be fine. Some hope ! Alan
  13. Well today didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped. Got the car into Bristol by 10.00 am but was given a courtesy car as it would take so long to do the work! I had hoped to be there and actually watch the work being done. There were no unusual or suspicious forms to sign which was a relief and they were very kind and pleasant to me. Around 4.00 pm I got a call saying they'd got the wrong exhaust parts and so couldn't complete the job. I've been back in and collected her do we can go to Leatherhead in our own car. Bit of a waste of our day but at least going in the right direction. The only good thing to have come out of all this is that I've now driven yet another Lexus that pulled away smoothly and sweetly and there were no exhaust noises to be concerned about. This was the NX300 and whoever buys that one will be getting a good car. Alan
  14. Thanks Mark, Good advice again. I've got everything ready and will be keeping my fingers crossed. If they do change the exhaust then I've got to go to Leatherhead on Friday to a funeral which will be a good test. Thanks again, Alan
  15. I've owned 2 Passat estates in the past. Both were petrol engines but I remember how they used to practically die on you as you took off a bit smartish to get out of a junction. I used to think that at tickover they were running on almost fresh air ! Scary at times. I forgot all about that as soon as I moved to the RX300. Plenty of power at the ready to get you out of trouble. Alan