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  1. Happy Birthday JohnRX400h!

  2. Magnetic Ride Suspension which stiffens in the corners by using little particles of metal in the oil which when an electric current is passed through them makes the oil more viscose and therefore stiffer. It has also just come out in the Ferrari 599 - If it is good enough for Ferrari then........
  3. Our Lexus RX400h sits in the driveway with my trusty MkI Audi TT225 however...... Ordered this afternoon..... Audi TT MkII 3.2 S Tronic Condor Black/Black/Black/etc Extended Leather 19' 7 Spoke Cruise Bose Ipod Xenon MF Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitors Auto dimming/folding mirrors Magnetic ride DVD Satnav plus Hope for March 1st Deliver, well March the 3rd, I'll be skiing in California on the 1st!!! My 03 TT 225 has been just fab. Thought of lots to change it to but none ticked all the boxes like the TT does so same again is the order of the day. I also had a R8 o
  4. Oh, another RX/TT owner - seems a popular combo - Hello!
  5. Glad to help - congrats on your purchase - what sort of van have you got?
  6. Oh and hitching with a reversing camera is not exactly hard either, especially when by yourself!
  7. Did someone say towing? Not been here for a while so may be a bit rusty but here goes! We use our RX400h to tow a 2006 Coachman Laser 650/4. Now if you know your vans you'll know this is a beast. MIRO 1665kg, MTPLM 1870kg, so basically as big and heavy as you get. RX400h is 2050kg kerb weight so 85% is 1742kg. We are usually at or slightly above the 85% recommended weight. Lexus own tow bar is rated for 80kg nose weight and I always make sure this is dead on as I have found this is the deciding factor on making the outfit stable. The RX does a fab job and tows will little effort in the
  8. Better first aid kit - v annoying when you crash on a private road without your seat belt on and there is blood gushing everywhere! :winky: Welcome by the way :winky:
  9. Just curious.. what is your "ready" issue? In mine it goes to ready pretty much immediately after turning the key. L. Just unreasonable impatience! I used to turn key and put into drive at the same time, guess this is what I used to do in the RX300 without really thinking! Sorted now, more speed less haste!
  10. Seat belt buzzer and shifting into gear before 'Ready' are a perfect match. The 'ready' thing narked me at first but I have now got into the habit of... get into car, turn key, put on seatbelt and by this time I have done that the ready is, well, ready. Presto and in answer to the question YES
  11. Hrm tough one.... Chalk.... Cheese But the finest of both... Got a coin?
  12. Obviously from the country bumpkin in little old Scotland here but...... 'Driving in and out of London every working day' and the word 'fantastic' in the same sentence - that must be a first! :winky: Better than public transport I guess!
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