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  1. It takes you that long to get the Lexus you order?:?::?::?:
  2. http://www.clublexus.com/forums/showthread...?threadid=27922
  3. At least they're not picky about the exterior. :bounce: I still don't understand why it voids the warranty even if it IMPROVES the engine's performance. And most of the stuf is just bolt on stuff. I guess I could take it off before I go to get it serviced every time.;):P
  4. Why does it? I really want to smoke my friend's RSX when he gets it.;)
  5. Does the gold membership work over here in the US?:D
  6. Nothing.:D I told him abut it and he seems ok with it. BUT he said that doing anything like that to a car voids the warranty. Can that possibly be true?:?:
  7. Well, I picked out a few things from suprastore.com to save up for.;) Swift Air Intake HKS titanium/carbon Fiber exaust Rod Millen Body Kit 332mm daimeter front brake kit -2.1 inch lowering springs :D:D:D And it only comes to $4555.90!!!!!!!!!:(
  8. Yeah, I was thinking about an HKS muffler like this one. http://www.suprastore.com/hkscartithip.html
  9. I don't think my bank account would allow for that.:P Other than getting another car, how do I increase HP?
  10. What's the fastest way to increase HP on an IS300? I want to do it without my dad knowing. hehe.:D
  11. I know 19s will fit, but has anyone tried 20s yet? Or are they too big?
  12. That video made me sick. They mostly only talked about the bad stuff about the car.:flaming: