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  1. The backseats fit 2 baby seats comfortably. 3 will be too much imho. but then again, i've never tried it myself. It's possible, i think. You just have to bring your 3 seats to the car and try it first before you buy it. Good luck!
  2. Finally opened up the center console and pulled out the radio. All cables and connections are done except the ignition and the constant 12v. Still wondering which color wire they might be. :( btw, i found tons of available space behind the center console pod, so i hid the rf modulator out of sight and out of worries. :) anyone has experience with a late model rx300? still need to know where to connect the pwr wires. I'm thinking of using the cigarette lighter wire as the ignition pwr, but i'm not sure which of the two wires is the pwr. There's a black/white wire and a pink solid wire going into the light module. Could the pink one be the ignition 12v i need? Any suggestions are welcome. :)
  3. ok, i've managed to remove the center console and the glove compartment. Upon seeing the back of the oem radio, i was unable to find the antenna plug!! omg, where is it?? i really hope it's not all the way towards the back of the car with the power antenna, that would really put a damper on my install plans. :( help help!!
  4. Hi Duncan: Great info on the rx300 radio. Have you done any special work on your rx already? i'd love to hear how you did it. By the way, i'm from the us and i've got a 2002 rx300. Been looking to add a mp3 changer (rf modulated) to my rx for some time. Finally bought the changer yesterday and am attempting to install it even as i type this. I've having trouble removing the glove compartment since i want to bring the changer's data/pwr cable from the rear right side of the car towards the front passenger side, in behind the glove compartment, and then to the back of the radio where i'll connect the antenna adapter, and hopefully find the constant 12v, ignition 12v, and ground. That brings me to my next question: would you know where i'll be able to find all three wires for the control module of the changer? i need the 2 12v leads, and a ground. Any suggestions are welcome. :)
  5. the red button on the tranny stick should be the overdrive. just leave it on all the time and you should be fine. The info button gives you travel time (timer restarts everytime you shut down / start up the car), your average miles per gallon mileage, and the present rate of comsumption (if your sitting idle the reading would be 0 mpg, if you're coasting along without using the gas padal, kinda like when you're going downhill, then it'll read something like 100 mpg) mpg = miles per gallon. japan cars might be kmpg? anyway, don't quote me on it, but that's what those gadgets are for.
  6. gookookoo: I got my extended warranty from a u.s. dealership when i purchased the vehicle. It does cover everything in the original warranty, so basically it doubles your warranty mileage. It's a good insurance. I've had to replace a/c and transmission on an older bmw which would have cost me $3000 plus if i didn't have the extended warranty on it. lexusbc: You should really look into the engine sludge issues on the lexus rx-300. Mine is just over 10,000 miles and i've already switched to using fully-synthetic motor oil (Mobil 1 5W40). And i'm maintaining a consistent 3000 miles oil service interval. The engine runs pretty cool (a tad below the half-way mark on engine temp) and strong.
  7. I'm sure glad i convinced my wife to get that extended warranty (it's now up to 100,000 miles) It's a costly $1,500 warranty, but i guess if one of those a/c problem happen to me, i'll get my money back for sure. :)
  8. The standard cd player is an indash cd changer which you can find inside the glove compartment. On my 2002 rx-300 the changer is preinstalled, so i just insert the cd magazine, click on the cd button and the music will play. I don't know if the 2000 model has the same set up.
  9. Okay, reporting back in. I've just changed the oils in my rx-300 last night. Found the following to be of use: 1 large 14mm wrench for the oil pan bolt 5 quarts of synthetic oil (i used mobil 1 0w30 weight) cost is $4.99 U.S. size 2 filter cap ($4.44) for the aftermarket Fram's EG-3164 Oil filter (cost = $11.99 U.S.) 1 nylon o-ring for the oil pan bolt my total cost = $43.00 + Tax roughly. Not bad since you get a peace of mind that you've got excellent oil in your engine, and no more worries of possible sludge occuring in your beloved RX. B) another thing i'm wondering about: i've got 11,000 miles (roughly 17,600 kms) in milege. Is it premature to switch to full synthetic motor oil? Btw, the spec sheet in my owner's manual says the engine oil capacity is 4.7 Quarts. Will it be overkill to fill up with 5 quarts? anyone know if this will have any adverse effects in the performance of the engine?
  10. Posted this on the us forum, but barely got a notice. Since the uk forum seems to get more exposure, thought i'd try and see if anyone's interested in the same modification as me. Does anyone know if this can be done? i know that the oem stereo faceplate on lexus rx300 is a custom size, and it is combined with the air conditioning functions. I'm just wondering if there's an aftermarket faceplate that replaces that whole assembly on the center console and leaves a standard pin size hole for an aftermarket radio. I'll bet the Japanese market will have something that like. Has anyone seen one yet?
  11. Need Help: I have a 2003 rx-300, u.s. model. I just checked underneath the car and found a black platic looking square cover with a hexagonal looking screw that's caved in instead of bulging out like your standard hex bolts. I'm wondering if this is the oil pan bolt? anyway, where do i get a tool to remove such a bolt? Also, still searching for the filter. Can't seem to find it yet. :(
  12. do you have a picture of this emblem? and how do i get one? tks!