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  1. Rob You got PM mate. I been in California for nearly the last 6 weeks so I have barely been on here since the New Year. I am not in the business or ripping people off so send me your address and I will post the bits back to you asap. Owen
  2. Guys Its a sad day . I just sold my Lexus this evening and saw her drive off from my driveway for the last time! I had 2 wonderful years with the car and managed 2 JAEs also but alas its over! I just wanted to thank you all so so much for everything!! Your help, advice, comments criticism (good + bad lol) and above all your friendship. I'll pop back on here from time to time as this really is a cracking forum! I hope the new owner will join up as I have told him about LOC!! Its hard to type this as I feel like theres been a death in the family but I know deep down it was time to move on.
  3. The alloys that I have were et38, but I had loads of trouble with then catching arches etc. In the end, thanks to Gord I got them machined down to et41 from a professional engineering firm! I am sure Galla_4 said at the time that his were et42 because he had no trouble with them all it!! Might want to double check that mate. Thats right Anees!! I remember the issue you had now! Mine are ET 42. I remember asking performance alloys to get this right for me as I saw Anees' problems and didnt want the same. I have never had any problems whatsover with them! Best wheel for the car IMHO
  4. None of them have been curbed. I have been abit anal in looking after these wheels lol Offset I think is et 38 Never tried to put it in spare wheel well mate. At the moment I just have it face up in the boot Tyres are 225/40/R18 (8" wide all round) Tread depth 1.6mm
  5. I have 5 Toora T950s up for grabs aswell guys wrapped with brand new Toyo Proxes T1-R's. Proxes done less than 2000miles. I would need your old wheels too so if any of ye lot are over this way soon and would like to grab my wheels then come on over. GBP600.00
  6. BUYER PAYS POSTAGE Genuine TRD Radiator Cap - GBP£10 IS200 Sport Aluminium Sill plates - GBP£50 CMD Stainless Steel Supspension Pillar Mount Covers - GBP£40 Meccatune 8000K HID KIT - GBP180 Richbrook Brushed Aluminium Gear Knob - GBP£15 CLICK FOR PICTURE
  7. I have my headunit listed on Ebay. Its only 2 months old and comes with all boxes, manuals, cables etc Ebay Link
  8. What car you geting then mate............ Looking at a Skyline at the moment.
  9. Could do swap fairly soon mate. Within the next three weeks. Also for sale could be : TRD headlights Stainless steel engine cover Front bumper Foglights sill plates Prolex Kazama 18" Toora T950's TRD Anti Roll bars List goes on and on and on
  10. Everything on my car might be up for grabs Vinokirk. Black TRD Headlights Kazama everything....
  11. Cheers bud! Appreciate that!
  12. Thinking of putting my car back to standard to use as a trade in. Just seeing if there would be an interest in someone with a standard NA IS200 travelling over to swap there bits for my bits with cash. Could come to the UK also and maybe one of he other members :D give us a hand with the transfer of supercharger to your car. Any interest in any parts let me know and I'll see if we could do something Cheers lads, Owen
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