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  1. Thanks for replies so far I was thinking of this based on another old thread here: but happy to be "steered" another way 🙂
  2. My 2004 battery needsreplacing just wondering what is the best battery to replace with as thread old and would appreciate advice
  3. Just wanted to update this as also had AC/Climate Heater Control and Radio dipped as well now, very pleased with the results
  4. PeterT, do you still have your SC430 and would you ever consider putting in a system for another 430 owner ... ie me?!

    regards, Varun 

    1. PeterT


      Varum yes I still have car and all works well. I would consider am just having cancer treatment but would be available from Spetember

  5. The speaker for the Garmin can be heard no problem with top up, when down it is hard. The car I bought already had a Bluetooth Sony adaptor with separate speaker fitted, to be honest I left it but am already thinking of changing for the Grom Peter
  6. The sat nav is a standalone model it fits the space perfectly once screen has been removed but as I said all cabling must stay in place as is needed to open and close the electric door covering. All needs to be removed but metal frame is what you need, the electronics on the inside of the plastic frame also is not needed
  7. The back up camera is the Garmin BC 30, which is really easy to insert. The sat nav is harder you need to remove the screen elementand then mount the Garmin in the space I used a couple of metal brackets and silicone. You aslo need to make a whole in the rear for the power cable which must be used as extensions would not work. It is easier than it sounds but certainly not quick. Let me know if I can help further
  8. By the number plate the great thing with the Zgarmin reversing camera is its wireless, tap into reverse light for power and automatically switches over when you engage reverse
  9. I just wanted to update everyone as this forum has proved invaluable, I should state I am an amateur but have now fitter a new Garmin DriveSmart 61LMT with reversing camera. I have also updated the fascia and appreciate any comments and happy to offer any help people may want.will update with more pictures later.
  10. I have bought a set of above wheels to update my SC430 but am looking to but the centre caps. Can anyone point me in right direction please? Picture attached
  11. Thanks Neil had not seen this post dispite looking everywhere. I am looking at installing the new Garmin 61 DriveSmart. I believe it will fit in if I remove the case. You can wire a reverse camera in also from Garmin easily and as it has Bluetooth also allows phone integration. The last bit is getting the sound from it thru the original radio which I dont want to replace,
  12. So I think I have found a way to replace the fitted GPS with a new Garmin model cheaply, but before I share pictures etc I need to work out how to get the audio to come thru original stereo. I presume the current audio comes from the DVD Drive in the boot, so what I want to do is intercept before it goes into the radio and splice my audio feed into the existing. Would appreciate anyone’s help thanks Peter