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  1. Hopefully this is enough information to make fitting the IS/Altezza OEM armrest easier. It took me about 11/2 hours but I was taking lots of pictures at the same time. My car is a 2002 Altezza Auto. First remove the lid from the old box. Just two screws hold it on. Then pull out the felt base and remove the two screws at the bottom of the box. Now remove the handbrake gator. Just pull it straight up and the two tabs will pop out. Removing the ashtray is easy enough but the panel in which it sits is a little delicate as it is attached to the chrome ring around the gear stick. I managed to remove it without using any tools. I did it by first lifting the forward part of the ashtray recess with one hand and then lifted the rest bit by bit. Disconnect the cigar lighter and lights then remove the panel. Remove these two screws. Pry off the caps and remove these two screws (one either side) These nasty little tabs (one either side) were the hardest bit for me. The easiest way I found to release them was to reach inside the console and pull them in towards the centre of the console and pull the console back at the same time. It did take quite a bit of effort though. If you have a mat over the transmission tunnel in the back of the car you need to remove it for clearance. Once they are free, carefully lift out the console. Closer look. With the console upside down remove the rear cup holder draw and steel housing. To remove the draw you will need to push down two steel tabs. Once the draw is removed lift the tabs back up (as pictured) Remove four screws and take out the draw housing. Remove the remaining two screws and the old box will lift out. Picture shows the new box in place. Back to the car. The bracket over the handbrake cable can be removed. The bracket is no longer needed. Keep the bolts. On my car there were two sticky pads covering two more threaded holes that are used for the armrest tower. They're not really needed but I had two spare bolts and so went ahead and used them. Bolt down the armrest tower with the stamped arrow pointing to the front of the car. Carefully replace the console. Replace all the screws to fix the console in place. Insert the magnet hole cover. Install the hinge cover making sure that the five tabs enter their receptacles (three on the bottom and one on either side) Install the armrest onto the hinge. The bar arrowed in the picture needs to drop into the slot at the top of the hinge. Now drop the armrest down and then insert the bolts (they are shoulder bolts so you can't over tighten them). Do this from the back seat with the front seats all the way forward. The only thing left to do is press on the two caps. They are marked up for left and right and with the arrow pointing straight up they will go on easy. All done. Hope this helps a few people out. Cheers Chris
  2. I have put the Standard grille from my Altezza on the bay HERE. Cheers Chris **SOLD**
  3. 2002 Altezza As200 Auto

    **REDUCED** Now £5800 or offers I might have to keep it and get a super charger if it goes any lower!
  4. **SOLD** After two and a half years of faultless motoring the time has come to part company with my Altezza. It is an 02 reg (2002) AS200 automatic in Platinum Ice Silver with the very smooth 2L 6-cylinder engine and has covered 65k miles. It is in immaculate condition inside and out, and runs just how the manufacturer intended with no modifications at all. There is a full UK and Japan service history. As far as I can tell it has never been smoked in. It has the factory styling kit and centre arm rest fitted. The arm rest is a must on any automatic car. The wheels have just been reconditioned to get rid of the inevitable flaky paint. The factory stereo has been replaced with a Kenwood KDCW7534U CD/MP3 unit. It has a USB lead that is positioned in the glove box, which can accept a USB memory stick with music stored. The Bluetooth interface is also included, and so with a Bluetooth enabled phone, the stereo doubles up as a hands free phone system using the cars speakers and the installed microphone. The stereo will even store all the numbers from your phone. The factory stereo will be supplied with the car and can be re-installed if required. If you have any questions or you would like more pictures please dont hesitate to get in touch. I am looking for offers in the region of £6800 now £5800 Contact Chris on Home Mobile Email Thanks for looking P.S. I am now based in Bristol but will be in Manchester the weekend of 13-07-07 if anyone wants a look.
  5. Is 200 Turbo Kit For Sale..

    I'll be heading home from France tonight so will see what engine I have tomorrow. I guess I just need to look at the chassis number? How much do you think it would cost to have it fitted? Chris
  6. Is 200 Turbo Kit For Sale..

    Still for sale Adie Just noticed your ad. Will this kit fit an AS200 Tezza? How much will you be wanting for the intercooler? Cheers Chris
  7. Now sold thanks guys Chris
  8. Are you asking if you would need help to fit it? I'm sure you could fit it your self with the correct tools. I just payed quick fit a few quid to put it on. They did say it was a perfect fit by the way.
  9. Hi Davey I'm prety sure the cut-out on the standard bumber is the same radius and position as the TRD spoiler. It is probably just about 10mm further back so the tail pipe will stick out a little further which will look fine. I just spotted this post by Wosket. Is that a standard bumper? As for the sound. I personaly think it's ace. It's louder than the standard box but its a deep sound so it just makes the car sound really powerfull. There is a tail pipe baffle available if you think its too loud. Cheers Chris
  10. Seasons Greatings. Anyone got some Christmas money left over to buy my HKS Hi-Power Muffler (IS/Altezza)? It’s in very good condition as you can see, apart from a bit of a scrape along the bottom of the can. I had it on the car for 6 months. Have taken it off because I want to sell the car. There's hardly any rust and it sounds ace. I drive from Bristol to Stockport and back every weekend so possibly could meet the buyer somewhere If not then delivery can be arranged. £150 or nearest please Cheers Chris You can see the scrape along the bottom of the silencer here Here it was on the car. Fits beautifully with or without the bottom spoiler.
  11. Anyone here work at Airbus in Filton. I spotted a very nice blue IS last week with chrome alloys on the main site. Looked like it had just been polished. Very nice indeed. Cheers Chris
  12. Altezza Rs200 Cruise Control?

    Nice one. Anyone got an idea on the price?
  13. Altezza Rs200 Cruise Control?

    Guys Can anyone confirm if I am able to fit Lexus cruise control to my as200? Will deffo do it if it is possible. Cheers Chris
  14. I still have the custom facia for a 7” touch screen which was part of my old car PC does anyone want it? See the car PC thread HERE for more pics. It will fit any IS/Altezza in place of the standard stereo (see pics). It was designed to accept the LinITX+ Touch Screen, which has the same innards as the Tview and MM400 screens. I believe the Lilliput screen's will fit also. I am open to offers. **SOLD** I can email more pictures if required. For more info on car PC’s see: Cheers Chris
  15. Car PC