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  1. Gary, I'll wager that it is defineately your starter motor, I had the same problem a couple of months ago. What you need to do is to take the starter motor out (which is a hell of a job in itself) then take it to multi-truck who repair starter motor's e.t.c. They will repair it for you for about £40 quid, after that you have to put it back in.
  2. If I join the gold memebership how much discount will i get from tdi ??? Thanks, Zishan.
  3. HI Lexus Sport, I have just checked the eibach.com website & they do have springs for a MK1 GS300 well at least the application guide said so, so all I have to do is find a dealer who can order them in. I also checked with my dealer they said lexus dealers cannot supply them anymore because they are not supplied with them. If a spring get's damaged or something they have to get them made. Thanks, for all your help guy's. Regards, Zishan.
  4. Thanks Bluewax, I have e-mailed both companies asking about the price & shipping costs. Thanks again, Zishan.
  5. Thanks for all your help guy's, Blue wax, where can i get those coilovers from??? Lexus sport thanks for your help as well. Supercharged do you have a website or an e-mail address for TTE?? Thanks, Zishan.
  6. Hi Guy's It looks like no one in the world does lowering springs or a coilover kit for the MK1 GS300. I HAVE TRIED EVERYWHERE. Can anyone please help??? All help will be appreciated. Thanks, Zishan.
  7. Guy's I have just found out from Lexus UK that the Offset for a MK1 GS300 is ET50. I thought I would let you guy's know for anyone who was interested. Thanks, Zishan.
  8. how easy are they to fit, also how much to fit if they are not easy to fit??? Thanks, Zishan.
  9. Hi Guys, Could someone please tell me the offset for a MK1 GS300. I'm Thinking of buying 20" Wheels for it. Could anyone tell me if 20" wheels will go on withouta problem??? Thanks, Zishan.
  10. i have a sherwood green mk1 gs300 & i have been wanting to paint my calipers & by some stickers from dysfunctional but i'm the same, i cannot decide, i thought about gold calpers & green stickers. but i would welcome all suggestions. thanks, Zishan.
  11. thanks guys u have been very helpfull, could anyone tell me if there are any uk suppliers of bodykits e.t.c??? once again all help will be very much appreciated. Thanks, Zishan.
  12. Hi people. is there anyone who can help me with my request for aftermarket stuff???. All Help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Zishan.
  13. I've just bought a MK1 GS300 it has a GS300 Sport Spoiler & 18" OZ SuperT Alloys. Could anyone tell me where I could purchase a bodykit gor a MK1 GS300?? also could anyone plz tell me if 20" wheels will go on it??? also where i could find a lowering kit for it as well??? any help would be appreciated. Thanks zishan.