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  1. Oh well will have to wait and see, mine's in Auto Trader now but not much response as yet, seems that the economy and the damn war is effecting peoples confidence in spending on a decent motor.
  2. Chris, how long did it take to sell? Looks like I'm heading off abroad with the new company for a while to live in the far east. Will break my heart to sell it but have no choice hence the question. I'm pitching it for 16K now and see what happens.. Andy
  3. On a similiar thread, what do people think the right price for an IS200 SE with front mesh grille, sat nav, rear boot spoiler in platinum ICE, absolutely immaculate with only 11750 miles on a 2000 X plate ?? any ideas Andy
  4. Snow + IS + standard road tyres = ballet dancing. Sounds familiar. Glad to hear you are ok though.
  5. Claire, leaving it at home is the right idea, get a second car or take the keys to your other halves. That's what I do, much the best option. Should really invest in some snow tyres, I've heard the IS is really good in the snow, my friend has one in Europe which is great, but with the conventional road tyres it's not worth losing it. All in all - SNOW DAY DECLARED (In the south)
  6. Oooh 500 pound excess, ouch :o Best be safe than sorry. Working at homs sounds the safest way. The IS's are a bit unhappy in snow.
  7. Well with the tyres on the IS, and following a skating session in mine last year, I declare today a snow day! No need to go to work. Andy :hocus-pokus:
  8. Hey, love what youve done with those 19" alloys and the -25 drop, what size tyres did you opt for? the whole package looks great. Andy
  9. I'd agree, I'd like to do mine all round but not too dark, just smoked front and rear.
  10. Rod, I went with AXA, they did ask about mods but seemed happy they were done by Lexus (not huge mods admitted) but the quote was good, you may want to give them a try. Andy
  11. Looks excellent Si, TDi have done a superb job and money well spent.
  12. I've also heard a similar story on both counts firstly regarding the IS to keep numbers low and secondly to maintain depreciation levels at a minimum. I believed it given the small numbers you actually see on the roads.
  13. yeah - I saw that too - I'm glad I don't own a 406! Yeah those 405's eh poor *******, nice design that you can open the boot with your fingers and they know about it, sounds like a major law suite to me. :smilegrin:
  14. Mmm it has that Pinifarina look that Peugeot gave the 405 coupe some time ago, not bad :wow: