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  1. I had this problem when I was putting my Altezza through SVA last year as well. Aparently the inside layer of the rear fogs don't emit the light bright enough for the law over here. I failed first time because of that as well, but the SVA tester let slip a trick which I did. All you have to do is get some kitchen foil strip the back of the fogs and layer some foil on the inside of the lens. This way when the light is switched on the glow of the bulb bounces off the foil and emits the rays the bit further in order to pass U,K regulations. Also they want the rear fogs to work on an independent swicth. So I had to get that rewired to an individual swith which was relatively easy and then took it back within the seven day grace you have and retested it and it passed. Have a go at that mate, goodluck!
  2. Yeah you guys had luck cause I was pulled in town for spelling JOHN O from my plate which is originally J13HNO, and I was given a ticket for £30, The copper even videoed it it in case he said I tried to contest it in court (TO**ER). Don't know but I think the copper was jeaulos cause I was driving such a beautiful car but this was early last year. What I do now is have the plates on velcro pads so, if any copper complains again I will just take them off and replace them with the proper ones in the boot, but I have never had to do that yet. There's always one copper that just wants to exercise his powers, *** knows how many hundreds of coppers I have seen since them and not one has pulled me for it! :D
  3. Sorry to hear that mate. I had a simlar experience about 3years ago, came back from a party with my Mrs and was dropping her home and I was sitting in my Corrado VR6 with my Mrs talking around 4a.m in the morning and some ****** tried to break into the car while I was in it! Imagine that, first he scratched the bonnet with a key and then came over to the drivers side door and was going at it! To my amazement, we were just stunned. I pushed the drivers door open which hit him to the ground and jumped out and we both went at it (STUPID OF ME) cause he could have had anything to do me harm with, but the thought of my beautiful Yellow Corrado being tampered with, made me go mad. While I was taking out my frustration on the ***** my Mrs called the Police and they came and found me sitting on the *****. We all took a trip down to the station that night! Only for the guy admitting the damage and intent to try and steal the car and he did not see us sitting in it through the tinted windows, BLOODY C**T. Cut the long story short he was ordered to pay the costs of the damages he did to the car! Really mate I sort of know what u went trhough but don't let some ****** stop you from living your life mate, just mind out. Hope the family is alright mate
  4. www.importhandbooks.co.uk. Thats were I got my handbook for the Altezzer last October for around £25 plus p+p. Give them a try mate.
  5. No problem mate, appriciate that! I understand were people are coming from, cause I do know what reputation we have, but we are all not that bad!!
  6. Thanks gus will try thos sites and let you know ow ing on! :)
  7. try some taiwan website? No mate live right here in South-London. I got my Altezzer sourced from Japan there, couple years ago. They mainly do right hand drive cars from there. Anyway the wait is too long. From my memory it took about two and half months before my Altezzer got to me and was registered in the U.K. I want a car I can see and possibly drive into London myself. Tried Mobile.de web site but they have had none on there for sale for the last week. Still searching though, but would like a choice of sites to look at and would prefer the car from Germany, France or Europe mainly easier!
  8. Hi there guys! Just wondering if anyoone knows of were i can source a Left Hand Drive IS200 from? Any website addresses would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
  9. Yeah I know what you mean mate Toyota/Lexus Dealership in Brixton were quite good. Did most of the work on my Altezzer last year at reasonable prices.
  10. OOJONI

    Air Filter

    Mate trust me in my opinion HKS is the dogs Bo***ks, when tdi Fitted it to my old Altezza it made such a big difference! I was pretty content with the perfomance. The RS200 is pretty quick standard to me, but after th HKS went on one can notice it getting up to speed pretty sharpish, and the woosh u get from the engine well worth the money! I kept up with my mates Audi S3 Quattro for a bit after fitting it. I dont know about other filters but fingers up for HKS mate. Will be taking my next IS200 down to TDI to get HKS fitted again and possibly fitting the HKS exhaust this time as well! :D
  11. I have a budget of around £13000. what I dont want togo through is all the hassle I went through with my Altezza by fitting Lexus rear parking sensors, Lexus 18" alloys, TTE Front bumper, TDI HKS Induction kit, lexus exhaust trim, green pads all round! I would love another IS 200 donelike my old Altezzer. As I remember all that effort and money that went into my Altezzer and i just don't have that kind of cash to invest in it. Imust say I have not driven a civic type-r yet but I have booked a test drive. Another thing, th cvic type-r is not as common as an Is200. They are all over the place. When I got my Altezzer last year January, I got so many looks cause it was not as common then and mine was one of the first round my area, but I still love them every single one I see, especially is Platinum silve one. The Mrs wants a BMW 3Series coupe, but I don't really like them. Decision, decision what do I do! <_<
  12. Hi guys long time, since I sold my Altezzer RS200 in december I have not been right. Ask Goldie who is a member how long it took before I let him have the car. Anyway it was forthe Mrs, she wanted a new house and we got it now so within the next couple of months will be looking a new car. I was thinking of getting the IS20 againg or maybe going for the civic type-r! What do you guys think, because I can't make up my mind at the moment
  13. now take my advice as someone that grew up in africa, Nigeria- ummmmm lets see, the among the worlds capital for rip off scams, fraud and theft. only way i would have anything to do with Nigeria is if i phisically had the cash in my hand, even thin i would be thinking " where is the catch" BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!! Hi there guys, I have to say I am Nigerian don't apreciate the slagging off of Nigerian's that has been going along in thi tread. Because I am Nigerian does not mean I am a fraudster or any thing else. I sold my Altezza to GOLDIE in december 2002 and also introduced him to this site. U can ask him if I have cheated him in any way what so ever?I have been to TDI A few times with my Altezzer and a few of my previous cars and have never cheated them in anyway shape or foam. I am an Immigration Officer and let me say every Nationality has their good or bad points which I can easily point state here! I don't think Nigeria has got a fair judgement in this case. I was in Nigeria for the New year and IS200 are not common cars out there. They drive mainly left hand drive cars but there are alot of right handed cars out there as wel. I bought a american spec mitsubishi galant for over here and shipped it to my mum. cost around £500 to ship it roll-on roll-off and ten paid around £2000 to clear it in Nigeria and the boat took around 14 days to reach there. There arerich people out ther ad they dont mind paying over the odds for what the want. the prices of cars out there isrelatively the same as UK prices or even more cause you have to add shipping and and clearance costs as well which the customer has to pa for in the price of the car. Anyway I have to say i just was not too happy at this tread, probably means nothing to you guys, but I have to speak my mind! just remeber Nationality has it's good and bad points!
  14. Tiptronic Beams VVTI Engine 27,000 Miles Full Service History Just Serviced Platinum Silver Air Con / Climate Control Folding Mirrors Tinted Windows TTE Front Bumper Boot Spoiler Lexus Boot Liner Rear Parking Sensors 18" Lexus Six Spoke Alloys Mini Disc / CD Player HKS Air Filter Altezzer Mats Clifford G4 Cat 1 Alarm Stainless Steel Exhaust Trim New mortgage forces sale. For pictures please email me (OOJONI@aol.com) Viewing essential. Inspection Welcome. £11,800. Tel: 07958544166OOJONI@aol.com