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  1. Hey there Andrew, Just wondering whether you resolved your missing remote issue? I'm currently in the same boat! Cheers.
  2. F-Sport = no smart entry. In return though, the wing mirrors do auto-fold in when you lock it via the remote fob :outforcount:
  3. I think that you must have non-standard parking sensors fitted. If they are fully integrated into the car, there will be a button to the right of the steering wheel; below the wing mirror adjustors to turn them on/off, which also link in to a green dashboard light/associated beep when you turn it on/off. Distance adjustment for the sensors (if they are official) have only 2 settings anyway. If you have the Sat Nav option, it is set via the Navi menu system. Not too sure about if you don't have nav... So, name that dealer!
  4. Hello all! Not been on these forums for a few years now. What's been going on? Any London-ish meets on the horizon? Any oldies still around? Who runs things around here now? :winky: Not been in the car scene for a while, but am back now with a nice grey ct200h F-Sport with all the trimmings. Anyone with any Qs about the car feel free to fire them my way. For those that don't know me, I work at the Toyota HQ in Burgh Heath. Often getting sittings and the like of new models kicking around at work B) Will get some pics posted up when I get some time! But hope everyone is well ^_^
  5. Yeah - I uploaded there directly from my N95 at first... then realised I couldn't link to them directly from the Forum image tags. Pics of the New Avensis on FlickR as well, and the iQ.
  6. Interesting theory. Need to get someone standing outside to verify/observe.
  7. Hey, Yeah, it was a tad cold yesterday. Was going to go take some "proper" pictures at lunch, but it had gone by then Need to find the lady who had the keys again! Pictures and video from UK - the car was left hand drive. No idea which country it was from (didn't try to find out tbh). Dont recognise that number plate's country of origin either. The car was most certainly filthy on the outside (inside was fine though!). Lady said it was for dealers who were interested and wanted to see the car or something like that. Rear passenger leg room - very similar to current saloon tbh. There isn't a middle fold down arm rest. erm... To be honest though, when I first walked towards the car, the rear of it from a distance reminded me a lot of the Peugeot 206CC, and then a bit of the SLK convertible Argh, wish I took the pictures now. D'oh. D.
  8. I have been caught off guard (and worried at first!) when I started to hear some strange knocking/rubbing noise (cant really tell fully when in the car with the stereo on). I've had 3 current generation GS, and its only really happened maybe 5% of the time for me - reversing on full lock. I'll have another play tonight and see if I can re-create it on demand... D.
  9. Hi all, Not been on the forums for ages! Hope everyone is well? Many new members? They had the IS250C at work today, and managed to get the keys to have a brief play. Thought I'd show you and comment on it for what its worth! Only had my N95 for some quick photos and a video of the hood in action. And pictures (taken by a work colleague - so not my fault if you think they're crap!) The car itself looks nice with the very light grey interiour - almost looks white. Some things I noticed: Sat nav graphics look "nicer" with more colours and maybe even higher resolution Not all the electric windows are "auto" as per the saloons (yes - there are 4 windows still in the car) Front cockpit interior much the same The electronic graphic display in the dials has a graphic animation and progress bar of the roof open/close You have to hold the roof open/close button for the duration of the "transformation" There is a (small) boot! The wing mirrors now automatically close, and open when you lock/unlock the car on the keyfob This one was an automatic Its a 2 door (obviously) - with both electric buttons and a manual lever to fold the front seats forwards to let passengers into the rear Same twin exhausts as the current IS250 Really nice 18" alloys Sorry for the lack of high quality pics - car was parked in an awkward parking space, and I was still quite excited to care about what photos my colleague took! Promise to get some more decent photos next time I get the chance. The lady who gave me the keys was under strict instruction not to let anyone drive it away! So no comments on how it drives. D.
  10. Sincere condolences Tony. Its frustrating that its a ticking time bomb, with no way to stop it. 65 is quite a young age to go. Wish you and your family and those around you the best to get through this sad event.
  11. Yeah, nice one Niraj. He's gonna charge for his photography services one day! Was a good turnout. I'm guessing if no one on LOC knew about it/arranged anything, then there would have been just that 1 LS400 and GS300 there by themselves... I guess Ace Cafe expected someone to be keeping an eye on their diary... D.
  12. Hmmm... That would be very useful... The GS auto-locks about 15mph + But definately does not auto-unlock when its put in P... But anyway, I think the dealers can disable if that's what you want (I like it... makes the car feel more like a taxi safer/secure and more advance/automated).
  13. Not been to a meet in ages... i'll try come along after work... Hopefully the rush hour traffic wont put me in too much of a bad mood! :tsktsk:
  14. Its a slight facelift - most instantly noticeable difference are the signal indicators on the wing mirrors. The front grill is different as well if you look closely enough! Mine doesn't either though... Another thing it doesn't seem to have is the ability to set the distance before the parking sensors kick in. Before, there used to be 2 settings to select. D.
  15. Eeesh! A fair bit of damage there then! Guess you going through the insurance process as well then. Ggrrrrr..
  16. Hey Lee I was thinking to myself like how could this really have been avoided? Park in 2 spaces Dont got Supermarket/Morrison's Dont drive Stick cones around your car And also taking photo of surrounding cars with your camera phone! But it's all an overkill. As much as I am annoyed, I know these things tend to happen. C'est la vie.
  17. Hey Giblet, Try the mobile dent-repairs people - they sorted out my old IS200 before. If the paintwork hasn't cracked etc, they can usually push the dent out from behind the door panel. Cost me about £25 for a front wing ding iirc. D.
  18. Man that's crap .... cops involved? is there CCTV on the exit roads to the car park? you have the time frame that it happened so maybe they could see/get No's of 4x4 in the area heading away? reminds me of "a now funny" story years ago when my wife came home with the rear of my Galant driven in badly, she said she came back and found it like that and someone must have backed into it, but the damage was too centered almost as if a bollard had run into it, she only confessed when i told her i was on my way to the cops to view CCTV footage of the car park....women!!! Didn't bother with cops. No witness. No CCTV. No point. :( Am going back to Morrisons this afternoon to pick up my dry cleaning, so may ask about exit road CCTV... But a work colleague was saying that if this was in CSI, there'd be forensics analysing the paint, arial satelite footage of the car park etc!!!
  19. Yup. 2 weeks exactly from new!!! All damage is on the front bumper, but that may extend to the parking sensor, fog light and headlamp washer... Sorting out insurance now.
  20. Unfortunately, its one of those posts that some are all too familiar with - dents in your door from other people opening their car door into yours, scuffs on bumpers, dings from a super market trolly coliding with your vehicle. Well this is no exception. Bit more than a ding in the door... Left my car for what must have been 40 mins max in the Sutton Morissons car park - the top open air one in case anyone knows it. Came back to this: :tsktsk: Asked the trolly guy and customer services if they had CCTV in the car park - unfortunately not :( All I remembered when I left the car was that the car next to me was a 4x4 of some sort. Lexus Croydon have confirmed that this will be way more than my Insurance Excess (the paint spraying will cost at least my excess!), so insurance it is. Still. FFS. ARGH On another note, for your information a piece of the bumper mount was broken off, and the plastic part was indeed still stamped Toyota!
  21. Hmmm. Well yesterday some wierd things was happening with my car. On our lunchtime trip to the pub for lunch, as we drove off, the car complained about key not detected... Ignored it as the key was definately in my pocket! Put it down to there being 3 other people with keyless keys in the car as well... But a minute or two later, its now got Check VSC warning on the cluster display, along with the traction control light, engine light, and the exclamation mark light permanently on. The car still (appears to) drives fine. This is with the a £38k car from new having done barely 200 miles... I know of one other person this has happened to. Anyone else? Looks like a trip to the dealers.
  22. Yeah, congratulations Rob! Not seen you in a while. Hope you're all prepared for sleepless nights! 9lb 5oz... that's HUGE! :o
  23. My Aristo does it as prevent engine over reving Same in the new GS.
  24. Hehe. I know exactly what you mean. Love it though!
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