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  1. On my '98 GS300, I recall that there is a lamp to indicate that the sidelights are on. If so, it has failed although opening the door to exit sounds a buzzer if the lights remain on. Is there indeed a lamp and if so, how do I remove the binnacle to replace it?
  2. John, Thanks for your response. I am suspecting the master cylinder, ABS pump or something equally wallet-purging. These items are not available on the aftermarket. Do you happen to know the name of the repair specialist?
  3. My beloved '98 GS300 brake warning light comes on about once a month and a small amount of brake fluid is needed to rectify this. Have anyone experienced similar or know where the leak may be occurring?
  4. Just to close-off this post and inform anyone who may encounter the same issue, I have now resolved it. Turns out it's an easy DIY job. Retract the door aperture surround seal to expose the headlining edge, remove the passenger grab handle and sunshade mount. It is then possible to get a hand into the location where the fixed and flexible pipes meet to rejoin. The GS300 fights on to live another day!
  5. Mine's a '98 Mk2 GS300 with sunroof. I have rainwater coming into the car which collects on the nearside A-pillar trim (about half-way down) and drips onto the passenger's floorpan. I have cleared as best as possible the four sunroof drains using a telephone cable pair and inspected the door and windscreen seals which appear to be in order. I'm a bit stumped. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. As part of a garage clearout I have an original wheel and tyre (part-used) from my '98 GS300 if anyone needs it. All considered, in good order. £ 60 and collection from Elstree, Herts. Please PM me if interested. Mike
  7. As a matter of fact I do . . . . and a long memory!
  8. James (fetchez la vache) dropped a bombshell in his write-up by stating that the upholstery is synthetic. He was gracious enough to follow this with an apology in case he has spoiled my intended purchase. I have not been idle since learning of this. I have had an ES F-sport Takumi Pack on order since February for July delivery. The options have been carefully considered and where necessary discussed further with the supplying dealership. The upholstery has not been discussed as I was in no doubt from Lexus' on-line brochure (there isn't a printed one) that leather is standard on the F-Sport - Pages 40 & 53 confirm this. I took this up with Lexus Customer Service. They referred this and came back within a couple of days to confirm that the seats are synthetic and therefore the on-line brochure is wrong. I discussed with them the option of changing tor a base model with Premium Pack (as SH20) and Rich Cream leather - they told me that I would have to have a brown fascia whereas I would wish for black; in doing this I would have to forego the Takumi Pack as ordered which includes the larger satnav screen. As a general point, many people would prefer leather on a premium car, some might prefer synthetic, others may not be bothered and there may be ethical views. Staining on light leather could be a nightmare. Certainly on a car of this stature and price I would expect no less than quality leather. I raised this issue on the US owners' forum and was told that their ES comes with synthetic seats however an upgrade to perforated leather is available. First-Lexus makes an interesting point that he would prefer suede. My 1998 GS300 SE has leather which has stood the test of time in the 20 years I have owned it. The non-SE version came with Alcantara - a super Italian suede-like material which was tactile, hard-wearing and as expensive per-metre as leather. In any event if the car was delivered with plastic seats contrary to Lexus published spec I would hand it back so I am indebted to James for his observations. So what am I to do? I've considered this carefully and decided that I am going to cancel my order this coming week and buy a Mazda. It's not a hybrid but it comes with quality leather upholstery, all of the goodies including Apple CarPlay and a powered trunk. It will be delivered in 2 weeks and costs £10k less than the ES. I have three Lexus models in the driveway and this will be the first non-Lexus I will have bought in the last 15 years. This is the first negative post I have ever made regarding Lexus.
  9. My '98 GS300 which I've owned for 20 years has done 200k and purrs like new. It's questionable which of us will last the longest. All the same, I might try my local Waitrose car park tomorrow and see what shows up.
  10. Hmm, I'm more than a little concerned as clearly you know what you are about when it comes to the ES. The online brochure quotes the F-Sport seats as leather on some pages and Tahara (no mention of leather) in others. I've found one or two other matters of detail which are also at variance. I'm going to have a chat with Lexus Customer Services tomorrow and I have a loan ES booked for Tuesday. I'll report back.
  11. James, Well that's certainly a detailed report - astounding if you tapped it into your iPhone! Other readers no doubt will pick-up on your assertion that the F-Sport seat coverings are synthetic. This seems so unlikely for a £40k Lexus and is at variance with the spec in the online brochure. If this is the case, I have concerns about the vehicle I have on order. Can you re-visit this?
  12. Well, I've asked the question and your responses are conclusive. I'm not sure if it is worth the extra £4k or whether I would use the head-up display but that's the direction I'm taking. So, if anyone wants an F-Sport non-Takumi in Mercury Grey with a red interior for immediate delivery, my local dealership has one up for grabs.
  13. Rayann, Yes, that's been my thinking to date however a non-Takumi F-Sport has come along and I need to decide. A further factor is that the Takumi pack hikes the Vehicle Tax up into the stealth band.
  14. I need to make a swift decision regarding the ES I have on order. The Takumi Pack includes the 12.3 inch navigation, Mark Levinson sound system, uprated front lights and a few other bits and bobs. Any views on whether this is worth having for £ 4,000 extra would be welcome? On a 42 month PCP (my calculations equate to) an additional £ 60 per month.
  15. Hi Sloth, A warm welcome. It is interesting that you are taking delivery at the end of this month and your car is not yet built. I thought I got in early with my order and have been promised July. Just 700 build slots are allocated for the UK. So far as colour is concerned, this is personal choice. There are some interesting colours available and I would not fancy the white. I've gone for Mercury Grey and the red upholstery - the black seems just ordinary. Also the Takumi pack to get the larger screen and some other bits. The reviews on the UK ES300 have been a bit 3 out of 5, including the Auto Express report. That doesn't put me off. The US car has several differences apart from the engine. It is built in Kentucky rather than Japan and hybrid is not a big feature in the range. It's a shame that the panoramic roof (front section opens) available on the US version never made it over here. Keep us posted!