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  1. Rayann, Yes, that's been my thinking to date however a non-Takumi F-Sport has come along and I need to decide. A further factor is that the Takumi pack hikes the Vehicle Tax up into the stealth band.
  2. I need to make a swift decision regarding the ES I have on order. The Takumi Pack includes the 12.3 inch navigation, Mark Levinson sound system, uprated front lights and a few other bits and bobs. Any views on whether this is worth having for £ 4,000 extra would be welcome? On a 42 month PCP (my calculations equate to) an additional £ 60 per month.
  3. Hi Sloth, A warm welcome. It is interesting that you are taking delivery at the end of this month and your car is not yet built. I thought I got in early with my order and have been promised July. Just 700 build slots are allocated for the UK. So far as colour is concerned, this is personal choice. There are some interesting colours available and I would not fancy the white. I've gone for Mercury Grey and the red upholstery - the black seems just ordinary. Also the Takumi pack to get the larger screen and some other bits. The reviews on the UK ES300 have been a bit 3 out of 5, including the Auto Express report. That doesn't put me off. The US car has several differences apart from the engine. It is built in Kentucky rather than Japan and hybrid is not a big feature in the range. It's a shame that the panoramic roof (front section opens) available on the US version never made it over here. Keep us posted!
  4. I ordered on 9 February and given a month of July, actual date unspecified.
  5. Dan, Your post prompts a thought - I wonder how well the ES is selling and whether your dealer is giving you hype. Maybe you are dealing with Southampton or Guildford both of whom I have bought cars from and they are both first-class. The ES has received moderate reviews from the motoring press and from one or two on this forum. It seems that the initial build for the UK has been for dealers showroom and demo and it was always intended that delivery of customers' cars would be July onwards with a quota for 2019 of 700. From my point of view I back my own judgement and am part-exchanging my '14 GS250 for an ES which will be delivered in July. After you have driven the ES in April, do come back and let us all know your thoughts.
  6. Steve, Echoing what Keith has said, it's a good review and no mistake. Notwithstanding all else, it seems strange that the reversing camera is so naff. I would be interested to hear from the few on this forum who have taken delivery of their ES models and have comments on your list of 'Cons'.
  7. Ged, The issue with my former Jag (and my friend's Mercedes apparently) is that there is half a second lag when you need a fast getaway. There are a few major roundabouts in the area where entering from minor roads at busy times is not for the feint-hearted. You need to spot a gap and react quickly. The Jag was not up to it however from what you have said the ES combination does not suffer from this.
  8. Ged, Many thanks for that. It all sound quite workable. I raised the stop-start issue as I had a Jag with this which was a real irritation and I was in a friend's Merc today which has the same effect on him. I'm relieved to hear that the ES does not have this.
  9. Ged, A few questions as you have taken delivery and are therefore the expert . . . - the binnacle shows the speedo with an outer ring to indicate rpm. Is there an option for displaying the two meters side by side, as in most cars? - does it have stop-start and car this be switched out of service? - is the parking brake automatically applied/released? Mike
  10. Ged, Personally I could live without the rain-sensing wipers but this makes your point no less valid. According to the features list in the brochure you get rain-sensing wipers in the ES300h if you take the optional Premium Pack or on the F-Sport if you take the Tech & Safety Pack. The Tech & Safety Pack is included in the optional Takumi Pack. Lexus have done themselves no favours in the way they have bundled all their goodies. My beef is that to get the rather desirable 12.3" central area display you have to go to the F-Sport with the Takumi pack as minimum. Returning to your rain-sensing wipers, they could have included this in the basic model as standard, just like you get on a Ford or a Fiat.
  11. Good for you Steve. I would have done the same. I would urge a placard demonstration outside Lexus GB's offices and stay until they promise a fix. If there's time we could do the House of Commons and Boeing's UK offices and maybe they will get their finger out as well.
  12. Steve, I too have a delivery month of July with no specific date. I wonder how Lexus are doing with advance orders for the ES given that it is a fabulous looking car with a 3 out of 5 rating from the motoring press. Certainly doesn't put me off! Out of interest, which version and colour are you going for? Regarding the USB socket, Lexus seem to have missed a trick with the design of the receptacle.
  13. Hi Habu, Lexus UK have not yet posted the ES manual on its website. I guess they are still trying to work out what all the buttons do. However there is some good news. Googling 'Lexus ES Owner's Manual' took me to the US site where the manual for the 2019 ES350 can be downloaded. It makes for some great reading!
  14. It is unimaginable that a car in this price range and so many settings comes without user manuals. I'm not impressed. Given a 4-month lead time they should be supplying the manuals upon placing the order. I'll be having a word with my dealer.
  15. Steve, Good for you finding that adaptor. I hope it's just the job. Talex. It's a little unit on top of the dash and looks like a radar detector. It has a GPS built-in and shows digitally actual speed. It has mapping of road speed limits and camera locations so it bleeps if you exceeding the limit or about to get caught. It seems they have gone out of business so the maps are not up-to-date but does help keep me in check. You will have noticed, I've put up a post inviting any members who have taken delivery of their ES to share their impressions. No takers yet.