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  1. Donmar, I can tell you exactly what the problem is. In fact I would put a tenner on it and give odds. The issue is your Oil Control Valve (OCV) which is located at the top of the engine and at the front. The mesh filter gets clogged and the solenoid valve sticks, giving incorrect camshaft timing. The valve is straightforward to remove (although I got my mechanic to do mine) and clean. Ideally this should be replaced but a clean-up will prove me right. Those of us with '98 GS300's must pull together to keep them running! Even by Lexus standards this model is a gem.
  2. My '98 GS300 with 185k miles has developed an intermittent rough idle. I called out Lexus Assist (aka The AA) who said that there are no fault codes in the log and the issue is fuel intake rather than ignition. No warning lights, clouds of smoke or other symptoms. My Lexus dealer has implied that they would fit a new injection unit at a cost of £ 1,650 ex VAT and fitting. I said that I would get back to them on that! Has anyone experienced similar and can suggest a fix? Alternatively can anyone recommend an independent garage who are clued-up on this system - I am located in Herts/ London border.
  3. So, let's see if I have this right . . . . I need to buy the Nicna interface (juicestop's Amazon link above) and download the updated software (from the other link) and hopefully it will work with my Windows 8 laptop. Is this right? Is the interface on an IS in the cabin or under the bonnet? Any chance of it working with a '98 GS300 or a '14 GS250?
  4. Now I'm confused. Will the Nicna interface together with Techstream allow me to change the settings?
  5. Oooh! In that case, what do I need to change the settings?
  6. Guys, Thank you all for your prompt replies. Bruce (juicestop) I will take your advice and buy the Nicna model from Amazon. Do you know if by chance, it will also work with my '98 GS300 or my '14 GS250? The GS250 is Carista-compatible so the protocol is clearly mainstream. Mike
  7. Hi all. I am looking to buy an ODB2 interface to associate with my iPhone 6 in order to change settings on my 2011 IS250C. The Carista product does not work with this model which is a shame. Does anyone know if an interface which is proven?
  8. Guys, Thanks for your replies which are most helpful. It seems that the SE-I has smaller 17-inch wheels which maybe give a better ride but the illuminated scuff plates and the wood are a great touch on the SE-L. The rest of the differences I could get to live without. Proving a challenge to find a nice 250C in either model out there with light upholstery and low mileage.
  9. I am looking for an IS250C from around 2010 or 2011. It seems that there are two variants - the SE-I and SE-L. Could one of you guys tell me what the difference is?
  10. Happy Birthday Mike246!

  11. Mk 2 Losing Cooling Fluid

    Thanks for your advice. I believe that I have found the source of the leak. It seems to be coming from the radiator header seam at the front. When up to running temperature and pressurised I can see water creeping across the seam and dropping on to the front fins. First question: Eurocarparts do a radiator at £ 74 as compared to around £ 300 for the Lexus part. Local garage labour costs will be much cheaper as well. I know it's an old car but would you chance it? Second question: I found today that the aircon is not blowing cold. Coincidence? I think it is. I have not let the car overheat and I can hear the relay kick-in when I operate the aircon override switch. I cannot think of any reason why loss of coolant with frequent top-ups would affect the aircon. The fact is that I cannot remember ever having the system repressurised in 16 years of ownership. Should I have the system repressurised and is the old type (now illegal) gas still available? Mike
  12. Mk 2 Losing Cooling Fluid

    Hi. Thanks for your response. I just checked the transmission fluid and have previously check the engine oil. So signs of fluids mixing nor emulsification.
  13. I have a much-loved 1998 GS300SE owned for 16 years which has suddenly started losing cooling fluid. It is losing maybe 1 -2 pints on a 100 mile run and I can't figure out where it is going. No symptoms which could be associated with a head gasket failure and no loss while standing overnight. The top hose seems good as does the visible part of the radiator. No warning lights on, engine runs sweetly and has not overheated. I have renewed the pressure cap and ordered a bottom hose, just in case. Any ideas or experience would be appreciated. This car is my baby and I want to keep it going.
  14. My '98 GS300 Mk2 has dim dipped headlights. The bulbs must be years old. Is it safe to replace with Xenon bulbs? Will they get too hot? What white bulbs would you recommend?
  15. My Abandoned Gs300

    Popped into the dealer and had a chat with the service advisor. An exchange starter motor is £ 213 which is not so bad as it comes with a 1 year warranty. The dealer did not want to get involved with an overhaul kit, even though I would be comfortable doing the work on the motor myself. No surprises there. Either way I would have to pay for 1.5 hours' labour in removing/refitting the starter so I'll let them get on with it. The car may not be worth much (two have gone with less mileage than mine on e-Bay recently at less than £ 1,000 each) but it just sailed through the MOT and runs great. Very little has needed replacement in 14 years' ownership so I can't feel hard done by! Dealer is Lexus Hatfield who are always nice to deal with and honour the LOC discount.