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  1. Anyone got any top tips on dashboard sqeaks and rattles? seems to be coming from the centre console area? Also, interior sunroof cover squeaks when fully closed but if I have open about 2 inches it ok
  2. love my 1998 gs300 to bits but looked around the new one at Lexus Nottingham and.....phwor! its stunning! got back in mine and it seemed really dated! haven't driven one.....daren't
  3. Hi, my 1998 GS300 has really grungy looking chrome tail-pipes. They look way past the point where a chrome cleaner would help. I wanted to get some new ones but my local National Tyres garage had a look whilst it was in getting a couple of new tyres and said the chrome bits were welded on and that I would have to replace the whole back box Anybody replaced theirs? any other ideas? thanks
  4. when i recently disconnected the battery to reset the ECU's the Lexus garage said after you reconnect the battery put the key in the ignition , turn it so all the lights come on and then leave it for 6 minutes while the transponder in the key resets all the immobilser etc. worked for me, might be worth you triying?
  5. could have my T plater from ADG sevenoaks for 9.6k . It sold today to a well-pleased member!
  6. anybody seen the chrome conversion kits for GS300 grilles on ebay? I fancy the idea of chroming the grille but wondered if these kits were a bit naff?
  7. wo! all those years I thought I was saving petrol and and engine wear
  8. being new to auto boxes I was wondering are there any dangers to knocking into neutral and free-wheeling up to traffic lights etc? I did this alot in my manual cars ao thought I try it me GS300 aover the weekend. All seemed OK. O know there's the argument about not being incontrol of the cars whilst its in neutral but was wondering if there are any detrimental effects on an auto box itself of such action?
  9. sorry, bit confused with that one? are you saying with the break pedal down hard the car should pull away or stall?
  10. Did you reset the ECU like I said mate? ← Yes, did that. Also had the transmission fluid changed on friday. No dofference
  11. Not flooring no, when I pull away 'normally' as it were. It moves when I floor it but that aint really my driving style. Took it Lexus Nottingham and one of their technicians took it out to test it and he just floored it too. Maybe its me? I'm just not used to flooring cars. I thought even with lightish acceleration the car would surge away nicely but, to repeat myself it seems rev unusually high with a corresponding feeling of torque.? I'll really do beed to drive another to 'lay the ghost'
  12. soz... link to previous post link to photos
  13. sorry , that should ahve read " NOT picking up very fast......" and the photo's didn't attach , DOH!
  14. You've probably read my previous post on my GS300 whereby I thought there was slippage on the gear box ie engine revving highly but car pickiing up very fast. The favour I ask is there anyone in the Nottingham area who has a GS300 who I could compare notes with? I had the car serviced a few days ago including transmission oil as somebody said that the oil could be knackered but it hasn't made any difference. I need to drive another one to convince me that this is just the way they drive. I'm not cheeky enough to find one for sale and go test drive it ! Here's some pictures I took today after its sunday bath!
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