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  1. Budget up to £2,000. I don't suspect Lexus have changed their design, so if the bushes are worn, you have to actually change the entire control arm, as some of the bushes are pressed in, and you can't actually buy the bush separately from Lexus, you have to buy a new arm, which in the UK cost a huge amount. Again, a dealer will say whatever they need in order to sell a car and make a profit. Many cars are serviced (which is generally oil and filter with and an inspection), but not all cars are maintained to factory spec. because some owners want to save cash. My personal opinion is to walk away from the car unless it has a paper trail to back up claims that it's been looked after, unless the price has been reduced to reflect no paper trail. ← Do set aside the funds for repair. I did not spend enough time researching a 1990 LS400 with 169,000 miles. Within the first month of ownership I have had to replace the power steering pump, the alternator (I got stranded on the highway), the steering rack, front brake pads, timing belt and lower ball joint. (Cost: $4600 USD or about 2400 GBP) Two different mechanics are also recommending front stuts and front upper control arms -- for approximately the amount I have already had to put into the car. But, since I haven't even had the car a month, I think I'll just hold off for a while -- maybe a long while.
  2. Heated Seats

    I agree. Try to find a business that specializes in nice leather upholstery work for high quality cars and they should be able to be fix it. And they would probably be more reasonably priced that your local Lexus dealer -- especially given the high price of heating elements.
  3. Heating Elements In Drivers Seat

    My local Lexus dealer told me that the cost of the new seat heating elements would be about $400 USD each, two in each seat. (Neither of my back nor seat elements work on either the driver or passenger side.) He said that the local automobile upholstery should could probably get the same results for about 1/3 of the cost.
  4. 1998 Ls400 Air Suspension

    I'd check the prior owners maintenance records or get the VIN and talk to a Lexus dealer. Any dealer should be able to get you the maintenance information. That should tell you if the air shocks have already been replaced. If the have not been replaced, the need to have them replaced will rapidly accelerate. I don't know others experiences. With my 1990 LS400 with 169,000, the dealer is recommending that I have the two front struts replaced for the first time. He is saying that the fluid is leaking from them. That is something you should be able to check. Also, ride in a car with the air suspension and some without it. Decide if you like the benefits of the nice cushy ride. The air suspension system is a very expensive option -- and I really like it, personally. You just have to decide if you want the expensive of replacing four air struts every 150K or not at about $1,000 USD per strut.