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  1. Yes it's consistent. When pulling off, the Speedo only starts to move after around 8mph...
  2. Thanks, will take a look next time I'm under the car.
  3. It's a UK auto Colin. How would I know if diff has been changed?
  4. Driving alongside in other cars, also those radar speed sensor displays at the side of the road.
  5. My wife's 1999 IS200 speedometer is reading nearly 10mph slower than actual road speed which is a pain at speed cameras etc! Been like this since we bought it. Wheels and tyres are all standard size. Is there a fix... I've reset ecu but no different? TYIA.
  6. Well, I think we are going to go for the UK one to be on the safe side, as I know it's exactly the same as whats in the car now. £175 is pretty steep, but just found out the price includes free next day delivery and 1 years warranty Many thanks for all your input guy's
  7. Just noticed that the rad I'm looking at from the states doesn't have the fitting for the expansion tank pipe...
  8. Thanks John, the rad from the states doesn't include the cap, is it a standard fit that I can get from a motor factors?
  9. Tell me about it, here's the actual pic of the top of the rad which I captured from a video I had
  10. Hi Rick, only have this diagram of the radiator showing the bleed screw taken from the uk sellers site.