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  1. :) Willdo! - Gotta sell the 300 first though. No takers yet....
  2. 4.4ltr V8 - ... and no - I haven't won the lottery. These big engined cars are the bargain of the century right now.
  3. Well.... Thought I'd add a bit of closure to this thread.... It's been four years of completely trouble-free fabulous motoring but it's time to move on. Will be selling the 300 soon and putting a few bits and bobs up for sale (will let you guys know just in case there's any interest in exhaust etc.) Just picked this up.... Thanks to all the folks on here who have given untold help and support. This forum is one of the best parts of Lexus ownership. Bye (for now) al
  4. I've used Errol from Dent Devils a few times and can strongly reccomend him. Linky Check the link to see if he does your area.
  5. I went with an "Ltuned" emblem - they come up on US ebay now and again for a fortune but I was able to get a set very cheap from Aus. ebay.
  6. 3rd party short antennae - like the ones on ebay do have rubbish reception. Don't waste your time. The JDM TRD short antenna however is excellent - I would say better eception than the OEM one. Not cheap though.
  7. Flash used to make a car wash hose add-on thingy. The shampoo part was useless but the "no-dry" rinse setting was very good (de-ionised). Think it's been discontinued now. In the winter I don't worry since I usually get round to drying panels before the sun has got to them but in the summer i use this stuff - it's ace.
  8. The model number is on the front of the head unit. Instructions for fitting the Grom unit here
  9. erm. is it just me? looks like a bog-standard modern hatch to me: astra? certainly not as good looking as a new sirocco. maybe it's a marmite-car. i don't hate it - just feel it looks a bit bland.
  10. ^^as above^^ Get your geo sorted/WiM'ed asap. I moved from a 200 to a 300 two years ago and have never looked back. You do really notice that extra power - you don't need to thrash it as much as the 200 - but when you do... :) I tend to drive in manual/e-shift mode all the time and once you get used to it - you'll be smiling from ear to ear.
  11. No not really - dash removal/re-assembly is very easy so there's no reason for anything to be put back "wrongly" : causing squeaks. As long as you're careful where you put the grom unit and it is securely "snug" then there shouldn't be any rattles either. Had mine in for two years now - no squeaks, no rattles and it's never missed a beat.
  12. Re: replacement windscreens Mine is cracked and needs replacing - obviously worried about it being fitted properly so contacted the Autoglass my insurance co. arranged for me to discuss. They were well aware of the problem and told me that from 2000 the screens from Pilkington had a defect with the seals which caused the moisture to get in (not just down to improper installation). This apparently has recently been fixed with new screens. Still it was reassuring to know that they were aware of the problem.
  13. Hando

    New Alloys

    Yaris has 4 stud - not sure what else. Does seem odd to have different fitments across the range though. (A yaris on 18"s would look proper-funny though)
  14. Hando

    New Alloys

    Those TTE's are 4-stud. Won't fit on IS.
  15. Nice - do get back to us with initial impressions. The hotchkis are the ones I'm going for, by all accounts they're meant to be the best.
  16. How about this? Ebay item 120440727876 Could you use army connections to blag some?
  17. Sorry Matt, got that off a google image search - got no further info on the colour code etc.
  18. AFAIK they revised the cam belt change from 100k to 60k on the 200 only. The 300 is still recommended at 100k. So the fact that it hasn't been done yet is perfectly fine.
  19. Easily repairable - a good refurb place should sort it. I'd recommend a visit to wim - they can have the rims sent off to a good place for refurb (they did mine) and they can check the geometry to make sure nothing was pushed out of place in the accident. It's worth a quick trip round the m25 for the peace of mind.
  20. lowered 35mm on tte/eibachs
  21. I have the K&N typhoon fitted to my 300 - as do many members here. Lovely bit of kit that gives a very nice roar under heavy accel. (total doddle to fit even for the mechanically challenged like myself) Re: exhaust: I have a HKS HiPower (non-silent) and if you want quiet I'd advise staying well clear of this one ;) The popular choices on the site tend to be the blueflames, HKS Silent High Power and the Prolex one (which I believe is modelled on the HKS)
  22. Aido had twin HKS hipers on his old IS with TRD rear skirt. Cutting out TTE lip and making it look OEM would be a complete and utter nightmare though - and would cost a total fortune if it was even possible.
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